153 | Digital Marketing: What’s Working Now Episode 1 of 3 Andrew Medal

Andrew MedalI know you’ve seen lots of entrepreneurs out there killing it online through social media. Are you wondering how you can do it too? Well our guest Andrew Medal today tells us how his company Agent Beta helps entrepreneurs do just that! Digital Marketing is a gigantic field and guess what? It’s growing at a super speed like never before. An an entrepreneur, you’ve got tons of tasks you’re juggling, so what are you willing to let go of? Find out why it’s better to hand this off to experts in this field to grow your business without going insane!

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Andrew’s Target Audience: Andrew’s company Agent Beta serves small businesses and all different types of clients including the public sector. There is a big focus on Crossfit athletes as well as media companies.

Agent Beta focuses on helping businesses create the right content, marketing that content and retargeting that to prospects. Andrew shares that there are so many aspects to digital marketing. Likewise, it’s a market that is always moving and in a way, you have to stay “in the trenches” to understand what’s going on. The areas one must focus on to stay in the game are:

1) content marketing

2) social media marketing

3) retargeting and remarketing. Tons of success and results can be attained by focusing on these areas.

CONTENT MARKETING= The purpose of content marketing is to provide value to your target market. It also reflects your expertise and shows your branding. In 2013, small business owners spent 44 billion dollars collectively on content marketing. This continues to grow.

Some common mistakes people make with a content marketing plan according to Andrew:
1) They automate too much. There is a place and purpose when it comes to automation. (i.e- using buffer, hootsuite, etc). Go ahead and automate but do not automate everything. It lessens the potential to build that KLT factor.
2) The Messaging is off. Some biz owners don’t truly know their audience. Or they are speaking solely of themselves and not expressing what is in it for the client.

Andrew’s team focuses on getting their clients to produce 4 blog posts per month. Then, in the social media marketing phase communicate with people directly to gain feedback. Test different titles and ask them what grabs their attention more. http://buzzsumo.com/ is great tool for this because it allows you to see what gets shared the most. so they view what a competitor is putting out there and craft their titles by that standard- while also adding a unique spin to a similar type piece of content

Other Tools for Social Media Marketing…
Crowd Fire is another great tool https://www.crowdfireapp.com/logout where grow your socail networks. This works by following your competitors followers whom will then start following you. This builds a super targeted following. It is simple and web based. Another tool to check out is Adespresso which optimizes facebook ads. http://adespresso.com/home2/

Also known as: remarketing. This is something you set up on your website. When someone visits your site, a cookie is embedded within their browser. Your ad then follow them across the web. This is beneficial because when they want to learn more, you’ll be in their face and it also gives the illusion that you are everywhere (authority) on the web. From a cost standpoint- you don’t pay unless they click, so it is cost effective.

What’s working right now when it comes to Facebook marketing? “Perfect Audience” gives you a $300 credit when you sign up to start your first targeting ad. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter and all across the web.

What’s the biggest mistake people are making that is holding them back? Andrew says some people aren’t willing to let go. Sometimes, entrepreneurs don’t let go of what they should and let an expert handle it when appropriate.

In this episode we’ll cover

  • Why Agent Beta focuses on content marketing, social media marketing and retargeting
  • Why producing consistent content is essential to business growth
  • Mistakes people make in their content marketing plan
  • Understanding the KLT factor
  • Knowing your target audience
  • What’s working right now with Facebook marketing
  • Why handing off certain things to experts grows your biz and keeps you sane

Practical and Actionable

Go out and find someone that knows what they’re doing. Look at what your competitors are doing. Start mapping out different ideas that could work for your own content (especially blog posts can be the best way to start). The same goes with social media marketing. Find out where your target market spends most of their time. Once you find this out, set up a facebook ads and then manage your demographics. Then for retargeting, go to perfect audience to set up an ad today!

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