154 | Digital Marketing: What’s Working Now Episode 2 of 3 with Dustin Drees

Dustin DreesAre you guessing what and how things are converting on your website? A lot of people do it this way and if you’re one of those people, you really want to lean into this episode. Today’s podcast guest, Dustin Drees tells us why it’s so important to drop the guessing game and determine what the real numbers are for optimal success. Plus, with the technology we’ve got at hand, determining numbers has become an exact science. As always, if you’re not into the numbers and research game, you want to hire someone to do that for you since this is a crucial factor for your business.

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Target Audience: Dustin’s target audience includes clients who have at least 20,000 unique visitors to their website per month. His aim is to improve their revenue and conversions online.

So why should we care about conversion anyway? Conversions are important because they represent what’s working or what’s not working on your website. Most of the time, it is revenue focused. So, if there’s a certain revenue mark you want to attain, you can claim a clear business plan to get you to your goal. If the plan isn’t working, conversion rates reveal that and you can then create a new plan. If you aren’t aware of your conversion rates, you’ve got no control of what needs to change or what should stay the same.

Dustin became a Conversion Rate Optimization Expert after spending a long time in the web industry. He was doing lots of freelancing around design and would often want to know what the impacts of his designs were. He was curious about whether his clients were seeing the benefits of his work. While Dustin very well knows the value of good design, he reached a point where he wanted to do more than just design.

Dustin realized CONVERSION was the type of conversation he’d been wanting to have with clients and was at a point where he could do that. He decided to specialize his work and began measuring impact for his clients. We’re in a spot in our technological evolution where data is so readily available. Dustin says everyone can have access to tools and we can really watch the impact of what we do online. We have not left to assumption anymore unless we choose to be.

TOOL recommended by Dustin:

Split A/B testing: VWO

Dustin on RESEARCH

Dustin DreesAccording to Dustin, solid research provides analytics but also gives a view of the qualitative side (which is even more important). This helps you to know WHO is coming to your site. This, in turn, helps you to tweak your messaging and language.

You don’t want to call a test too quickly…

Another reason it is so important for business owners to look at their conversions is that there is always room for improvement. You can always be doing better on your website and you want to be continually refining. You want to get the most out of it you can. A website that converts not only generates more revenue but allows you to build community. Community and creating a movement is the real reason we’ve got websites, to begin with. Getting acquainted with your visitors allows you to perfect your messaging which will attract more of the same types of people.

While a nice clean design does give you authority and legitimacy, what is your site doing to get them to stick around? Driving the RIGHT people through your funnel are the ones who are going to buy.

Beware the myths out there around digital marketing…

Beware of case studies. They can sometimes be faulty and limited. “Best Practices” people claim are not the best for all conversions. Run your own tests and determine what works best for you and your site. Studying conversion helps you to understand what works and what doesn’t on a visual level too. By understanding emotion for example, can you elicit a behavior or action out of visitors and connect with them accordingly.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why you need to drop the guessing game
  • How measured conversion measures what works
  • How conversion can help you edit your system
  • Tools to help you with conversion
  • Why you need to know exactly who is visiting your site
  • Why a website is never complete

Practical and Actionable:

Get out there and get to know your customers better than you think you already do. Find and ask the right questions to them at the RIGHT time in the buying process. ASK. you may think you already know their problems, but you don’t. Start there. Everyday- you should continue to evolve- it is a constant process. A website is never done.

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