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Eventually, you wonder how you can stop feeling overwhelmed. I have struggled with his for years in my leadership of a fast-growth company. I discovered that it is better to change how you approach your work and not just keep putting in more hours. In short, stop feeling overwhelmed with this super simple productivity hack. Today, I share with you a story about time-blocking that I was reminded when I did a home project. You may wonder how installing a garden hose holder relates to leadership. Tune-in to stop feeling overwhelmed by re-thinking how you work.

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Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: The Transcript

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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.

I hear a lot of people talk about the feeling of being overwhelmed. Have you ever felt like you have more to do than you can actually get to and your day is just a series of prioritizing how you spend your time, what you get done, how you engage with others. And you end up feeling like you’re always behind. Well, I wanna share with you something that I realized this weekend again. I say again because sometimes we have to be reminded. Maybe this is just your reminder. I was working on a project around the house and I wanted to buy something that would organize my garden hoses. Those garden hoses had been thrown about for months now if not years, and I wanted to have it organized, but here’s the thing, I wasn’t sure if the previous solution I had that broke was the right solution.

So I looked at the Home Depot store and I found these things. These are, you actually screw them into the house and they actually would go through the brick and they would be able to allow you to wrap up the garden hose. You kinda get the idea. Well, I had a front one to do and a back one to do. Well, the front one took about probably four hours to do, and I say that because once I got everything and I got home and I tried to drill holes into the brick, I realized I didn’t have the right drill bit. So I wasn’t able to finish the project, but I was able to go back to Home Depot later that day and get the right drill bit and then come back and then install it fairly quickly. Probably took me about, I don’t know, 12 minutes.

Well, here’s the thing, I was happy with the work and everything looked great, but I had to do this again. And so, I went to the backyard and I marked out where I’m gonna drill the holes, I drilled the holes, I did everything. I took me about less than five minutes. So why am I sharing this with you?

It’s because it’s the reminder that the way we spend our time matters. One of the things I’ve seen as a busy executive and if someone’s trying to lead a team forward and move throughout no matter what’s going on right now with COVID-19, this applies beyond all that, is that you wanna make sure that you schedule your time so that you’re doing like things together. The time blocking, is what I call it, is a way to manage productivity. I’ve got some details behind this if you wanna go ahead and download this worksheet absolutely free. Just go to But here’s the real issue. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you gotta go back and look at your time and how you’re spending it. You gotta spend it wisely. And this is just one example inside of this idea of how you spend your time.

Yes, it took me four hours to get the first one done because I had to get ready, I had to get, I had to select, I had to get everything done, and I realized I didn’t have the right tools, but once I was in the flow, I was able to do it really fast. And in fact, the second one was even faster. So if you’ve got something to do where your mind is pointed in that direction already, you put those activities together and you get them done a lot faster. I’ve noticed this happen many years ago when I had to install ceiling fans. The first one took about two hours, the second one took about an hour, and the third one took about 30 minutes.

The economies of scale, there was no contact switching. I was able to quickly move. I didn’t have to read the directions in the third one. So where can you use this inside your own time, your own schedule? I think it’s all over the place if you look for it. This phenomenon inside of productivity and time management will help you manage all the things you have to do, help you get the most important things done, make time for those things, but you wanna do them proactively and schedule a time for them. If you wanna get that detailed worksheet, just go to I call it hyper-productivity. If you wanna save like 53% in your time, make sure you take and really apply the lessons inside there.

There’s three lessons that I learned after hundreds of interviews with really famous, successful people and I share them with you inside that completely free for you to stop feeling overwhelmed and you can really focus on what matters most.

Hi, my name’s Gene Hammett. I work with leaders during the defining moments of their own growth. They know that there’s more out there for them and they just need the clarity, confidence, and courage to do that. I help them do conversations and coaching. If you have any questions about how that would help you, make sure you reach out to me at As always, lead with courage. We’ll see you next time.

Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.


Stop Feeling Overwhelmed - Use your Time Wisely



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