327 | How to Define Customer Expectations To Drive Your Business with Chris Kneeland

How to define your customer expectations. This may sound oversimplified or you might rationalize that you have already done it. Take a breathe and ask yourself if you really understand what your clients expect of your organization. Maybe the question is not if you understand, but whether your team also understands. Pushing this even further, is there alignment between every team member and the expectations of your customers in your category of business? Today I share my interview with Chris Kneeland from The Cult Collective. Chris gives you examples and insight on why this is so important to your business. Don’t miss this episode on understanding your how to define customer expectations.

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define customer expectations with Chris Kneeland

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Target Audience: Chris works with big brands in North America that aspire to achieve customer advocacy. He and his team aim to create something people adore and love.


FIX: Break The Addiction That Is Killing Brands

The concept of FIX was derived from interviews Chris conducted. The interviews and findings reveal how people who were really smart were still doing dumb things. The problem was that they were doing things out of habit or legacy and not necessarily because they truly believed in it. They had conceded – given up – settled!

Chris says his book is meant to shock readers and motivates them to wean off bad behaviors. It is about adopting good behaviors for the sake of growing your brand.


It takes courage to do something that hasn’t been done before. Courage is everything and Chris and his team specialize in it. There is too much noise and if you want to be noticed, you’ve got to do something bold.

Courageous things always cause people to be uncomfortable. For Chris, feeling uncomfortable is a sign that they are barking up the right tree.


Serve Your Customer

Chris is a big believer in super simple – straight to the point marketing. This is about serving your loyal customers by delivering exactly what they want the most. This requires doing the research by directly asking customers questions about what they need.

It’s better to have fewer bigger better benefits that are bold enough to be noticed rather than diluted offers that are pretty good. Chris says to pay attention to the spikes in the ranks and lean into those that are hyper exceptional. Own them!


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Building courage to break the mold of old habits
  • Breaking through the noise to stand out
  • Transforming outdated behaviors
  • How to give your customers what they need
  • Defining customers’ expectations


Practical and Actionable:

Always start with an executive exercise called: “find your remarkable.” It’s an intentional word that asks: what is it that you want people to REMARK about? What do you want people to notice as far as what is noteworthy about your brand? The more noble it can be- all the better!


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