328 | How to Develop Internal Leaders

Discover how to develop internal leaders in this video. Companies are struggling to find people that will go beyond managing tasks to real leadership. You may have talented people in our organization; however, there is a serious need for more internal leaders that can inspire their people and create breakthrough results. After working with HyperGrowth companies over the last six years, I have seen this grow in need. In fact, when I talked and interviewed 51 CEOs from the 2017 Inc 5000 list, I discovered that 82% of companies see developing internal leaders as an essential component to staying relevant and thriving in today’s world. Today I share with you why internal leaders are so important and give you one simple way to start that process today. I call it “shared goals.” Shared goals is a process of finding out what someone wants and aligning it with the goals of the company. See what I mean in today’s video.

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How to Develop Internal Leaders: The Transcript

82 percent of companies see the value in developing internal leaders. Now this is something you probably already know, if you’re a leader leading others to get their work done, to be more efficient and to really develop inside the organization.

Hi, my name’s Gene Hammett. I work with hyper growth companies to help them understand the challenges and the chaos of hyper growth and I hope companies that want to understand that for their teams to effectively move with hyper growth.

I love talking about developing internal leaders because we are in a deficit right now of really talented people who can actually be leaders inside of a organization. Now don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of smart people that are very talented but let me ask you, have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I had someone that went beyond just checking the box and would do more than what is in their job description? Stay after five o’clock and really push the business forward with real results and be able to lead others in that whole new vision. That’s the internal leader.

Now one of the things that makes that really possible is this whole concept that I call helping leadership activate the owners inside the organization. Where does this come from? I’ve been doing a lot of deep research around the ink 5,000, the CEO’s of those groups are really, someone you could learn from. I’m really excited about being able to share all these insights. I’ve had over 100 interviews in this area but I started with 51 in a very concentrated timeframe and I’ve added to it since then and it’s clear time and time again is leadership that inspires ownership is what they’re going for. They want a culture where people go beyond responsibility and take full ownership.

I want to give you one example of how you can do that because there’s a lot of different things we could talk about, I’ve written something on hyper growth, the six disciplines of hyper growth coming from that research and if you want the info graphic, I’ll put the URL up here it’s https://genehammett.com/infographic and that’s all the data from that research but specifically, let’s talk about one area that you can leverage today to inspire more ownership and it’s this, I call it shared goals.

Shared Goals

When you are having conversations with your employees around just the company goals, all you’ll get is company output and that may sound great but if you have them around the team goals and another level is really activating them the individual teams and collaborations around that, that sounds great but what’s missing is the individual goals. Leadership should understand how that one person, a single person inside the team wants to grow and contribute to the organization.

Now when you get this right, when you understand how they want to grow and let’s use an example. They want to learn to write better so if you help them be a better writer and help them in how to use that inside their job, you could really get more out of that person because you have aligned not only the individual goals but the team goals and the company goals together.

That whole concept of shared goals can create more ownership inside of what you’re doing. So if you’re running a sales team for example and you have conversations around where they want to grow and how they’re contributing beyond just getting a commission check, you will be able to spark that sense of ownership in what they’re doing.

Hi my name’s Gene Hammett, I work with companies who are in hyper growth or companies that want to understand hyper growth, this is just one little tip I share with you, it comes from a series called, http://hypergrowth.tips. I’ll put the URL up here, if you want to subscribe, make sure you stay tuned at iTunes and this is http://leadersinthetrenches.com.




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