094 Wes Schaeffer | Do You Believe Sales is a Dirty Word?

Wes SchaefferSales to many people represents the pushy and sometimes even the slimy. When you have even the slightest resistance to sales, you tend to look for ways to avoid it. Let me share a secret with you: this kind of thinking is hurting your business (and your bank account). Wes Schaeffer from The Sales Whisperer talks with me about Sales and the mindset that creeps into our heads causing us to make excuses about not making that sales call or even that follow- up call that is important to our business. Listen in to this interview to shift your sales into a new gear.

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Wes’s Target Audience: Mostly small business owners and entrepreneurs- the man on the street that wants to get better.

We grow up in a world where we are conditioned into thinking that money is bad. That ‘money is the root of all evil.’ That salesmen are dirty and pushy. Wes is here for the entrepreneur who wants to make that mindshift so that he can provide others the value he/she knows they were meant to bring to the world. He shares with us 4 basic principles we must all internalize as entrepreneurs.

  • Selling is a calling
  • Serving is its purpose
  • Questioning is the process
  • The sale may be the solution

From this space, Wes believes you are truly out there helping people to make good decisions. It’s not about shoving a service or product someone’s throat. It’s is about having open conversations with people who are trying to solve a problem and providing them with a solution to that problem.

What questions are you asking your prospects? Are you uncovering their needs? Do you honestly have an answer to what they need? Are you and this client a match?

Wes also speaks about the importance of not coming from a place of desperation. There’s a sense of detachment and neutrality when it comes to sales. Otherwise, you are not truly serving your clients because you’re not thinking about their need or urgency. Wes talks about the 4 SW’s and most people fall into one of these: Some will. Some won’t. So what? AND- Someone’s waiting.

Wes claims he owes his success to the fact that he never quit. Sure, mistakes were made and there were many things he was completely alone in learning about. It’s all part of the process. Never quitting also means you’ve got to tweak or change your plans when it’s time to. This is also part of the journey.

It’s constant upkeep learning new things. You really can’t just sit back and rest- but if you enjoy what you are doing – it really doesn’t matter because it doesn’t feel like work.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to shift your conditioned mindset around sales
  • Why sales is not a dirty word
  • Why it’s important to ask the right questions to prospects
  • Why commitment is more important than consuming more information
  • The 4 basic categories most of your prospects fall into
  • How coming from a desperate place when trying to make a sale is killing your business

Practical & Actionable:

Wes says to stop dabbling and commit. We’ve all got tons of information on our shelves but none of that is going to make you money. Find something/someone you click with and consume it. Put it into practice before chasing the next shiny object.

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