100 | Amanda Hammett and Gene Hammett with Special Host Kimanzi Constable

Amanda Hammett and Gene HammettIt’s a special episode today celebrating the 100th episode of Leaders in the Trenches with your regular host Gene Hammett, his wife Amanda Hammett and a special host for today- Kimanzi Constable. Gene and Amanda have been married since 2002 and most of that journey has been comprised of the stress and struggle of being entrepreneurs together. Discover what it takes to support the entrepreneur in your life and learn what Amanda (Youth Motivational Speaker) has picked up from Gene on this journey. In this episode, Kimanzi also digs into what goes on behind the scenes of the podcast Leaders in the Trenches. Join in the celebration of the 100th episode. We are extending an enormous thank you to each and every one of you listening in on a regular basis and sharing the podcasts with the leaders in your life.

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Amanda’s target audience: is comprised of high school and college students. She serves as a youth motivational speaker and focuses on the topic of resilience.

Gene’s Target audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

This is a unique episode where you’ll all get more up close and personal with Gene and two of the most important people in his life. You’ll also find out why he started his business and the trials and errors he faced as an entrepreneurs.

Gene’s inspiration for this very podcast was really to connect and help people who were struggling in their business. The work he does is not only personal to him because he himself has been through the trenches, but so has his wife, Amanda. Gene and Amanda share how side by side they went from “negative millions” to where they are now.

Amanda Hammett and Gene HammettThe art of niching down has been one of the most challenging (yet rewarding) processes Gene has learned and has helped Amanda face in her business. Listen in for more on how Amanda narrowed down her niche from 66,000 high schools to 300 student leadership organizations.

Gene and Amanda also get into how great (and not so great) it can be to share the journey of entrepreneurship can be with a spouse. One thing is for certain: the ability and willingness to listen and support your spouse is pivotal for getting through the trenches together.

Receiving the support we all need from others who ‘get it’ (because not everybody does) is especially essential. Amanda shares with us how getting a coach (in addition to Gene’s support at home) helped her to step back, and gain a new perspective on her business.

In this episode we’ll cover

  • How Gene helped his Amanda niche way down
  • How willing Gene and Amanda were about changing how they saw the world and thus their businesses
  • The importance of being resilient during the tough times
  • The challenges and blessings of the entrepreneurial duo
  • How to be a support to your entrepreneurial spouse.
  • How getting support helps you to see your own blindspots

Practical & Actionable:

Amanda says if you are an entrepreneur and you are married to one see yourselves as you supports to one another. Not everyone will get what you are going through. other people Secondly, she recommends gaining some perspective around noticing who’s paying you and who you like working for. Those are the people you need to go after and market to.

Gene brings us back to something he learned from an older podcast guest- Larry Winget. Gene recommends getting 3 pieces of paper. On the first piece, you write: where do you want to go? On the second piece, write: where you are now? And on the third: What are you going to give up to get what you want?

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