101 | The Silent Fears of Entrepreneurs with Gene Hammett

Gene HammettNo one- and I mean no one is immune to fear. If you are striving to reach a new level or looking to achieve a goal, then fear us something you inevitably feel within. Those who are successful distinguish themselves from the rest because rather than avoiding fear, they utilize it and as a result, build a sense of inner courage. Gene Hammett, the host of this podcast, shares the 10 silent fears of entrepreneurs and business owners. Gene also shares how to understand the fears you encounter. Listen in to this episode to learn more about the silent fears of entrepreneurs and what you can do about them.

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Gene’s Target audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

In today’s episode, Gene delves into the silent fears all entrepreneurs experience on their journey. No matter how unpleasant, all fears serve a purpose. And the best way out, is through. How can you utilize your fears to continuously create better versions of yourself? One thing is for sure: avoidance of your fears can only hurt you (and your business).

One of the most common struggles we go through (an all too common word) is procrastination. Procrastination is often a trigger to fear. Gene introduces us to the concept of “productive procrastination,” which means completing tasks that may be valuable but we often use those tasks to avoid other (bigger) tasks we fear tackling.

So what are the “Silent Fears” and which can you identify with? Here we go:

  1. The Fears of Making Sales Calls: the fear of asking for business
  2. The Fear of Following Up: on people you already know: This means giving up on “no’s. Fact: Did you know that 60% of sales are made after the FIFTH attempt?
  3. The Fear of Raising your prices: not feeling valuable enough to ask for the price you really want or deserve
  4. The Fear of not being enough: this keeps people from really letting their brilliance shine.
  5. The Fear of Success: fearing the changes success might bring (social life, family life, personal life, money, etc).
  6. The Fear of giving away too much stuff: you can’t give away too much!
  7. The Fear of letting go things on your to-do list-: the fear that someone can’t do it like you do. This is about not releasing the need to control
  8. The Fear of the Niche: Rooted in a scarcity mindset not abundance- taking whatever you can get. The fear of missing out.
  9. The Fear of Investing in your Business: Are you going to events? Are you marketing?
  10. The Fear of Investing in Yourself: Are you invested in challenging yourself?

Gene Hammett“Do the thing you fear the most and the death of fear is certain” by Mark Twain. It’s true that if you want to capture higher levels of success, fear must be confronted. But before even facing the fear, we have to acknowledge that it’s there as a first step. That in itself can be scary and you’d be surprised to what lengths we all go to run away from even admitting its existence.

In this episode we’ll cover

  • The TEN silent fears killing your business
  • How “productive” procrastination is a way of avoiding fears
  • How to become more mindful of  your own body language, emotion and internal language
  • How to step back to gain a different perspective to target the root of fears
  • Why avoidance of fear is holding you and your business back
  • The importance of continuously investing in yourself (your growth)

Practical & Actionable:

Step back and get a different perspective on what’s really going on. Try to understand the source of your fear. Get introspective (you may want to journal, record, etc). What other emotions would motivate you in overcoming your fear? For example, emotions such as ambition, hope or peace are motivating emotions to help you through your fear. Who do you need to be to find the courage to move forward? What type of person to you need to embody?

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