Team Growth Think Tank with Matt Lafata

Becoming a more Effective Servant Leader with Matt Lafata at HRchitect

In the journey of leadership, mastering the art of becoming a more effective servant leader holds the key to fostering trust, collaboration, and growth within teams. In this insightful podcast episode, we delve into the principles and practices that define effective servant leadership and its transformative impact on organizational culture. Today’s guest is Matt Lafata, President & CEO at HRchitect. Inc Magazine ranked his company #4405 on the 2023 Inc 5000 list. HRchitect is the only consulting firm that specializes solely in Human Capital Management and delivers expertise around the full lifecycle of HCM technology. Our guest, Matt, shares his expertise on embodying the qualities of empathy, humility, and selflessness that are essential for effective servant leadership. Join us as we explore actionable strategies and real-world examples that can help leaders cultivate a servant-leader mindset and elevate their impact on their teams and organizations. Tune in to discover how embracing the ethos of effective servant leadership can drive employee engagement, enhance performance, and foster a culture of empowerment and excellence.

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Matt Lafata: The Transcript

About: Matt Lafata has over 25 years in the HR industry & has been with HRchitect since 2004. As President & CEO, he oversees HRchitect’s sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships, consulting, finance & global strategy. Matt extensively studies the HCM and WFM marketplaces & talks to vendors on a regular basis to stay on top of trends in this industry. Matt has moderated numerous HCM/WFM system panel discussions for vendors & HR organizations. He maintains a strong commitment to the HR technology vendor community including attending conferences & analyst days, blogging & tweeting, strategizing on joint business opportunities, speaking to sales groups, conducting joint presentations, & more. Matt is a long-time business consultant & entrepreneur, helping build highly successful businesses for over 30 years. Prior to HRchitect, Matt was an Executive VP with Sage Software & responsible for enterprise-wide marketing, sales, product development, human capital strategy, certified consultants & more. Matt is also a former two-term City Council member in Frisco, TX, a recipient of the “21 Leaders of the 21st Century” by Inside Collin County Business, served on numerous community boards and various industry editorial committees, and has appeared on HR Examiner’s Top 25 Most Influential lists multiple times. When Matt isn’t working with the HRchitect team, HCM vendors, and our clients, he enjoys traveling with his spouse, who owns a travel agency, and spending time with their six children, as well as supporting many causes he is passionate about including the prevention of cruelty to animals. He also enjoys many hobbies and loves discussing everything from trivia, movies, history, sports, bourbon, politics, and his general reflections and philosophies on life. Matt is also arguably one of Bruce Springsteen’s biggest fans, having seen him perform live over 50 times during the past few decades as well as amassing a sizeable collection of Springsteen memorabilia and live recordings. Originally from the Boston area, he is also an avid follower of New England sports teams.


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Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.


Disclaimer: This transcript was created using YouTube’s translator tool and that may mean that some of the words, grammar, and typos come from a misinterpretation of the video.




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