Team Growth Think Tank with Jacob Corlyon

Invest in your Employees the Right Way with Jacob Corlyon at CCMR3

In this episode, we explore the critical strategies on how to invest in your employees the right way. Discover why it’s essential to invest in your employees to boost morale, enhance skills, and drive company growth. Today’s guest is Jacob Corlyon, Co-Founder & CEO of CCMR3. Inc Magazine ranked his company #1648 on the 2023 Inc 5000 list. CCMR3 is an accounts receivable management firm that is changing the face of the industry through its forward-thinking and innovative strategy. Jacob shares practical methods and real-world examples of successful employee investments that yield high returns. Learn how to create an environment where investing in your employees leads to loyalty, innovation, and sustained productivity. Tune in to understand the long-term benefits and the transformative impact when you invest in your employees effectively.


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Jacob Corlyon: The Transcript

About: Jacob Corlyon is a co-founder and CEO of CCMR3, a leading provider of accounts receivable and collection services. He focuses on building a high-performance culture, mentoring his executive and leadership teams, and executing the overall strategic plan for the organization. Jacob shows his commitment to his people-first philosophy by advocating and educating consumers on financial literacy issues and what to do when being contacted by a debt collector. His goal is to change the negative stigma of this integral industry to our global economy through his advocacy and educational efforts. Jacob’s expertise and unique views on empathetic collections and consumer advocacy have led to features in outlets such CNBC, Bloomberg Law, Receivables Advisor Magazine, and InsideARM amongst others. Jacob currently serves on the board of directors for ACA International and the New York State Collectors Association. He served as president of the New York State Collectors Association from 2018 through 2021 and was a 2019 Syracuse 40 Under Forty honoree. His deep industry experience is underscored by his extensive knowledge of consumer, commercial, and healthcare collections. Prior to starting CCMR3, he honed his skill set in the collections and legal departments at BHG Financial, LLC. Jacob is a Professional Collection Specialist, Credit and Collection Compliance Professional, Certified Receivables Compliance Professional and received the Scholar designation from ACA International. Jacob studied at Le Moyne College, Bryant and Stratton College and SUNY Oswego, and currently resides in the suburbs of Syracuse, NY with his wife. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, traveling, golfing, and sport shooting.


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