118 | Selling the Invisible with Angelique Rewers

Angelique RewersCoaches, creatives and consultants- this episode if for you. You don’t sell a product. You sell a service that might be hard to describe. It is like selling the INVISIBLE. Angelique Rewers is a consultant to the corporate escapee. However, the word “consultant” just does not completely fit Angelique because she is so much more. Angelique is the CEO of The Corporate Agent where she helps other consultants sell more to other businesses. Listen in to this episode to discover a new perspective for your business as Angelique shares her journey of being in the trenches.

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Angelique’s Target Audience: Angelique’s consulting services aims to help people develop their business and bring in more of their ideal clients. Specifically, she provides consultation services to help small businesses sell professional services (not products).

Angelique calls this selling something “invincible.” Her clients sell services to other companies. and are themselves mostly consultants. They have been touched by the “enlightenment” bug and believe there is a better way of doing things. Their aim is usually to help these companies do better from the inside out; to transform and be more conscious as organizations.

Some of the mindset obstacles Angelique has seen in her clients is that the skill sets that made them successful in their initial corporate environments are the exact skill sets that sabotage them as independent business owners. They soon realize they need help and guidance. Angelique also helps people shift their mindsets into learning how to achieve greater results with the least amount of work.

Angelique RewersAngelique points out that there are a lot of experts out there who provide general advice to an audience who are at various stages of building a business. She advises that it is crucial to connect to an Authority who is going to work with you to customize your needs. Be willing to reach out and put yourself in environments where the decision makers are. You must do whatever it takes. And remember, the more expensive events is where the more senior people are. That’s where you want to be.

Angelique shares her time in the trenches which was when she reached the 7 figure revenue mark. At that point, she realized that she didn’t build her team purposefully. It was clear that all these different people were doing their own independent thing rather than working as a collective. Once she figured out a way to strategize the team by appointing a team manager, she gained the freedom she really wanted.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The concept of selling something “invincible”
  • Contrasts between corporate environments vs. owning your own business
  • Why you need to connect to an AUTHORITY who will work with you to customize your needs
  • Angelique’s time in the trenches
  • How Angelique managed her team more purposefully
  • How Angelique won her freedom

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Practical and Actionable

Angelique says to come up with what your “people strategy” is for 2015. Be sure it supports your revenue and the impact you want to have. Step back and say- who do I need to be on my team with me in order to reach my goals? Don’t neglect to get support if needed! You don’t have to walk with path alone.

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