126 | Why and How to Hire Young Entrepreneurs with Peter Voogd

Peter VoogdHiring top players is critically important to your business success. Peter Voogd is a top coach to the Gen Y crowd. Peter gives us the key aspects to hiring young entrepreneurs. The surprising part of this discussion is that money is not even in the top 3 most important factors to getting top notched employees. Discover what is important and how you can attract young entrepreneurs to your business when you are ready to grow.

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Peter’s Target Audience: Serves young entrepreneurs who despise the 9-5 and want to build something bigger than themselves. They are the ones who have a deep desire to be game changers in their industries.

Peter believes many people talk a big game but don’t take action. He knows this because he believes looking at the time frame of the most previous 6 months and the results (or lack thereof) is very telling of a person’s willingness to take action. Simply, numbers and results speak volumes.

Peter speaks about simplicity and how harmful information overload truly is. It causes overwhelm resulting in distraction. Peter knows there’s a discrepancy when it comes to guidance. We enroll in school, pay lots of money and when we graduate have no idea how to navigate the trenches. And so, Peter challenges us to simplify what you really want and what we value because that will bring clarity. Ask yourself:

  • What are your best 5 goals for the next six months?
  • What are your compelling reasons to hit those goals?
  • Who are you?
  • Who are you not?
  • What are you best at?
  • What are you consistently getting better at?

Get clear and expect to feel a surge of motivation and inspiration. The difference between achievers and the average is achievers don’t stop reaching out to people when they need an answer. They don’t settle for following the crowd or stopping at what they’ve been taught in school. Achievers are leaders.

Peter’s inspiration stems from feeling really pissed off about the lack of guidance he received in business school because they didn’t teach him how to thrive in the new economy. The road of entrepreneurship has taught him how to stand out and take risks!

Peter encourages us to focus on mastery vs. information overload. Ensure that everything you do DAILY is attached to your greater vision. NOW matters. Not tomorrow or next year! Strategically think through the information you take in. If you have more than 3 priorities, you have none! Choose them wisely.

If you are seeking to hire a young entrepreneur be aware that they differ from those 10- 20 years ago. Today, entrepreneurs look at culture; millennials care more about community and networking than money. They want to be part of a MOVEMENT. They seriously consider the company’s mission. They are aware that plans fail and movements thrive because movements change the way people think. They want to know that their potential boss is there for them and not just in it for themselves. Their B.S meter is at a level that it never has been. They want flexibility and rewards, opportunities for creative expression and a sense of integrity from the leader.

Peter created 6 Months To 6 Figures as a blueprint on how to make a money as an entrepreneur. He promises no fluff. It is 100% taken from his experience of being totally broke and training over 3,000 people. His intention is for the younger generation to avoid repeating old patterns that don’t work. He wants them to be game changers!

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why entrepreneurs today are not as concerned with $
  • How to focus on your mastery vs. info overload
  • How to get clear on what you want & why!
  • The differences between achievers and the average
  • What you don’t learn in biz school
  • What Gen Y is really looking for in a career opportunity


Practical and Actionable:

Peter recommends his One Page Productivity Plan (a blueprint). This forces you to let your vision guide you- not your current state or feelings. Identify your top 3 core values and your big 5 yearly goals. Identify 5 things you must accomplish to have your best year ever. Identify your 5 biggest reasons for why you are doing what you’re doing. Identify 1 key behavior you must have to do this. If you want to go even deeper, consider the “Start – Stop – Continue exercise. START: what do you need to start doing today that’s going to help you get to your goals faster?; STOP: what do you need to stop doing today that’s not serving you well and is putting a hole in your momentum? CONTINUE: What do you need to continue doing that’s working?


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