127 | My System to Produce My Podcast with Gene Hammett

Gene HammettSystems are critically important to your business. If you don’t have systems, you are likely not as productive as you can be. This episode is not for everyone, but if you are are thinking of starting a podcast or you already have one, this will help you. I had to learn the hard way to come up with a system that worked for me. Well here it is. I share with you the step-by-step process I used to produce 3 episodes a week for 8 months. It includes the tools and tips I learned along the way. I am sure I could trim this a bit, but it works for me with ease. I actually used to think creating a podcast was hard, but after diving in, I complete it in under 45 minutes per episode.

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Gene’s Target Audience: Gene works with entrepreneurs who want to find the perfect match between their unique value and the people who will become their best clients and biggest fans.

Gene started out on his podcasting journey with the belief that it was “hard.” It was quite a mystery and there were numerous things to learn. 127 episodes later, he now feels it’s the easiest form of content to produce.

*The Team* Gene currently produces 2 episodes a week and it takes him 45 minutes- that includes interview time! Delegating certain tasks is crucial and so shownotes and audio engineering are done by team member.
Here is the best and quickest way to create podcast content according to Gene:
1) How to schedule interviews: ask nicely and repeatedly. He’s got his virtual assistant and Jessica Rhodes the Founder and CEO of Interview Connections to seek out guests. http://www.interviewconnections.com/. Be personal about what you like about their work and be bold. Ask questions! Engage them! Email is the primary tool of communication, twitter can also be used. Gene uses google calendar to schedule and send an invite/reminder. He utilizes google spreadsheets to stay organized. The great thing about google docs and google calendar is they can be shared across his team. 2) Use of Yesware and Timetrade: to connect more effectively and minimize the back and forth communication. Create a skype id they can use. brand it by your own name or company. 3) Regular website and social media searches to target the BIG players. If they’ve got a book out, search Amazon to get a sense of their fan base. 4) The actual interview: BE ON TIME. Or be early. Gene provides his guests with a hard time commitment (20 minutes) 5) The warm up chat: Briefly lets his guests in on the structure of the show and who the audience is. Tools used: Call recorder, Skype; Mic (ATR 2100). 6) After the Recording: Places file in Dropbox folder for the team. Open files for intro and outro. Changes the status to “complete.” 7) Closing: Pastes outro in right after the close. Copy and paste intro music. does the custom intro FIRST!- easy to create a tease this way.

  Order of production:

  • Interview
  • Close
  • Outro
  • Beginning tease section (custom)
  • Intro music (pre recorded)
  • Introduction
  • Save the files into dropbox
  • Write title and first paragraph (lead-in)


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The quickest way to create your podcast
  • Why running a podcast is not as hard as you think
  • How to schedule interviews
  • What to do pre and post recording
  • Order of Gene’s production process
  • Why having a system that works for you is critical
  • Tools Gene uses for efficiency


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