128 | How Disappointments Become Blessings with Brian Smith

Brian SmithAs most entrepreneurs know all too well, disappointments are bound to happen. Knowing that the disappointments are coming can actually be a good thing. It does not mean you are bound to fail. Today’s guest is Brian Smith. Brian is the founder of UGG. Yes, the iconic sheep skin boots that seem to be everywhere. Brian shares his story of getting that brand started. Over the first three years of this business, Brian saw many challenges. However, he shares how disappointments became his blessings. Join Brian and I in this episode so that you better prepare your business and your mindset for life’s challenges.

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Target Audience: Brian serves entrepreneurs who are small business owners

Brian is currently writing a book based on the lessons and philosophies he’s gathered around small businesses. He is also a speaker. But his origins lie in developing the UGG boot brand. Despite the raving success it has today, the UGG boot discovered many bumps in its journey before finding fame. The problem that Brian encountered was that Americans didn’t understand the purpose of the boot. Brian found himself having to educate people in order to sell.

Simply put- people weren’t buying. Brian decided to target the surf shops. People there, understood the purpose of the UGG’s. Suddenly, Brian didn’t have to educate people on the product. He finally discovered a niche of people who understood and thus wanted to buy the product. The challenge he faced taught him that he had to pivot the way he was advertising.

This is what his book – The Birth of a Brand  is all about. It’s a philosophical take on how your most disappointing disappointments will become your biggest blessings. It’s about finding ways around the challenges and enjoying your process. Find a way to be happy where you are and have faith that if you keep improving on the day to day things you’re doing, you’ll have your breakthrough!

Brian brings an interesting perspective on the “life of a business.” Here it is:

  • Infancy phase: when it just kind of sits there
  • Toddler phase: starts getting around
  • Youth phase: consistent sales
  • Teenage phase: dangerous wants to be everywhere at once.
  • Adult: more controlled. Has reached maturity!
  • Basically, you can’t give birth to an adult. Just like a human, your product or service must go through it’s own lifespan!

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The importance of advertising to your niche first
  • Finding a niche that already understands your brand
  • How Brian perceived obstacles as blessings
  • Brian’s stages of a business’s life span
  • What each ‘life stage’ means
  • How to appreciate where you are while looking ahead


Practical and Actionable:

Take a day or two to identify where you are on that birth to adult spectrum. You’ll gain a new sense of purpose and direction of what’s next for your business. Rather than worrying about why you’re not on the ‘next’ step yet, step back and enjoy and your work with the strengths you’ve got within that segment.

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