130 | The Importance of The Profitable Niche with Jason Swenk

Jason SwenkThink of this as a case study on the PROFITABLE NICHE where we explore the depth you can take a niched coaching business in 12 months. Jason Swenk is today’s guest with a powerful story about the focus on your specific audience. Jason is a coach to digital agencies that strive to hit $1million in revenue and beyond. His fast track growth to $50,000 in sales per month (with only part-time help) is incredible. Discover what Jason had to let go of to reach this point plus what he believes are his critical factors to success. My hope is that Jason’s story inspires you to take action to claim the clients that are ready for you and appreciate your work.

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Jason’s Target Audience: serves digital agency owners who are under 10 million looking to grow a 7- 8 figure agency.

Jason’s took a leap of faith when he decided to sell his agency of 12 years. This marked the beginning of his journey as a Digital-preneur where he’s been able to create multiple flowing streams of income. He now gets to guide Digital agencies. He initially thought small business was a target market but soon learned he had to narrow down and more clearly define his profitable niche. As a result, he has witnessed countless changes in just one year. What he has learned is that it’s about focusing on income, creating freedom for your own time and the impact you’re making for others. Here are some of Jason’s major pinnacle points:

  • Got up to $51,000 in income revenue this past January 2015
  • Cut down his work schedule to only 100 hours per month
  • Works with international clients

How did Jason create an abundant income and freedom for himself you might ask? Jason shares that he created the right systems and has learned to be comfortable in the discomfort that comes with being an entrepreneur . He learned this lesson a few months ago when he did start getting comfortable and realized he wasn’t moving up to the next level and rather – stayed where he was – his COMFORT ZONE.

For Jason, identifying and narrowing in on a Profitable Niche is everything. It’s about getting to truly know what their specific challenges are. He shares that you must first let go of fear that you may choose the wrong Profitable Niche.

The MINDSET about KNOWING your worth is critical. Don’t set the ceiling for what you want to achieve – set the FLOOR for how high you can go. Take a good look at the results and impact you are making to determine your worth.

This is where TESTING comes in. Treat everything as an experiment. Most people fear failing because they perceive it as a “mistake.” Jason says to treat it like an EXPERIMENT. Realize that everything is constantly changing anyway so experimentation is the name of the game. Whatever you do, don’t get comfortable and go into auto pilot.

By knowing what the end goal looks like, you can set a priority on tackling the ‘big impact’ things first. People get so lost in the day to day activities. Jason says, do the big things first!

Another big question to ask yourself is – is your target market willing to pay you? There are 3 types of prospects: 1) those who don’t need what i have; 2) those who do; 3) those who do and will take action. Based on this assessment, Jason can choose who he works with which he claims are only the ones who make him feel even more motivated. Moral of the story? Set a STANDARD for who you CHOOSE to work with.

When you deeply understand your the challenges of your Profitable Niche, you become the Authority. What this has taught Jason is that it all comes down to the genuine desire to HELP. Jason believes this is what has made him so great because he cares about his audience. With that as his foundation, he believes everything that follows should flow.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Jason created more free time and greater income
  • Why understanding the pain of your Profitable Niche is crucial
  • The importance of getting specific on who you serve
  • Why you should set a standard in who you choose to serve
  • The power of TESTING your systems
  • The importance of feeling uncomfortable

Practical and Actionable:

Ask yourself: What’s the most important thing you can do take action on and treat it as an experiment? Think about how to do a “help” experiment and DO IT. Jason promises you’ll be successful in the long run.

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