137 | Leaders Are Not Born- They’re Developed with Brian Holmes

Brian HolmesMost of us are conditioned to think that Leaders are “born.” In other words, you are either a born or leader or you are not. This is not true according to Brian Holmes who shares with us today that leaders are developed. Developing into a leader however, is not something one does so well alone. All great leaders have mentors and coaches because they know all too well that they cannot see their own blindspots. If you are seeking your inner leader, join us today to discover how you can create the right supports around you and fulfill your own destiny!

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Target Audience: Brian serves those striving to connect with their inner leader. He works to transform and shift their mindsets,  activating their destinies and fulfilling their highest potentials.

Brian demystifies some of the common myths about leaders. One of the more common ones is that, “leaders are born.” We all hear that a lot- but according to Brian, leaders are developed. We grow into being leaders. It takes each individual understanding their own uniqueness and vision regarding what they are here on this earth for . But what keeps people from stepping into their own leadership? Brian claims it’s related to“Limitations and Liabilities.” These are the elements in our lives that weigh us down. Our own sense of “Net worth” – meaning – the internal issues within their hearts, minds and emotions. If this is not dealt with, they operate as liabilities weighing against their natural talents.

Brian advises to take the time to be courageous enough to look into what is keeping you from being all you can be. This requires an individual to possess a willingness to be honest with themselves about the condition of their heart and their own life, like “The man in the mirror.” He encourages the person to do an inventory of their own heart by looking at models in their own life such as scarcity or lack perspectives and belief systems.

Why is it important to have a coach according to Brian? No matter where we are in life, we all have blind spots and vulnerable areas where our perspective cheats us in our challenges. It is important to have someone who is objective, truthful and believes in you. Do you have someone you are accountable to? It is a fact that most great leaders have coaches.

Brian HolmesHere are the 4 cornerstones to coaching:

  • Personal healing (internal)
  • Personal discovery (becoming acquainted with skills and talents)
  • Personal development (clarity on who you are- where do I grow into that and become the full expression of that?).
  • Personal deployment (engage and execute on an actual path)

How do we know if we are living into a lack mindset? According to Brian, this is apparent in the way a person perceives their possible future. People don’t tend to think BIG, because as we develop, we’re conditioned to think certain things about money, prosperity and beliefs about how much money we deserve to have.

There are leaders who control and then there are those who empower. Those who empower choose to trust, do not have a scarcity mindset and are happy to release people into their potential.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • A unique perspective on leadership
  • The myths about leadership
  • Our conditionings around money
  • The 4 cornerstones of coaching
  • Why you need to be honest with yourself
  • Why all great leaders have a coach

Practical and Actionable:

3 things:
1. Take a sabbatical, unplug, disconnect and go away somewhere quiet and listen to your own heart. Ask God to get you to be still and ask what’s inside.
2. Evaluate the different areas in your life and ask where you are unsatisfied. Ask yourself WHY. What are the limiting beliefs. What’s keeping you stuck?
3. Identify the people you believe have your heart and ask them how you can be a greater leader and live in your potential.

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