141 | Creating Funnels for Ultimate Optimization with Zach Johnson

Zach JohnsonCreating content and sharing it is not enough. If you find yourself in the trenches, one of the reasons could be that you are not keeping track of your conversion rates. Zach Johnson shares with us today why tracking performance is essential. While this is no small task, this is something you could outsource. Game Changer for Profits does just that. If you are unsure about the performance of your conversion rates, lean into this episode to learn all about optimization.

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Zach’s Target Audience: Zach the runs marketing for Leadpages and Ontraport with Game Changer For Profits. The mission there is to help consultants and coaches specifically build their online webinar funnels to ultimately convert potential clients into paying clients. This niche may not necessarily have the technical abilities or team to execute on a marketing funnel and so Game Changer for Profits serves as their outsource solution.

A funnel is essentially a series of web pages, emails, video sequences and webinars to efficiently convert web traffic into clients. Specifically the company focuses on a 0-14 days funnel experience. A series is basically a funnel map made up of a culmination of marketing automation tools put into use and into a sequence. The first touch point being a landing page and getting them to opt in.

“I’m about making decisions quickly so we can grow quickly” ~Zach Johnson

A signup form and a giveaway (something that provides valuable info FOR THEM) is also implemented. Ultimately this is to invite into more live webinars. Zach advises his clients to take it to the next level by not recording. Or if you do decide to record to offer the recording for purchase (for something around $7). This is because about 60-70% of leads don’t show up- but they will pay for the webinar if they feel it is valuable.

Keeping track of your Optimization is crucial. This is the process of making sure your funnel is performing. Be sure that your landing page is converting at 30% or more; that your revenue per email address is upward from $5-$10 (for some niches). Ensure all those numbers are working and exceeding their goals.

“At every stage of the funnel, you want to hit certain benchmarks” ~Zach Johnson

In order to optimize your website you’d want to set up a 2 week or longer sequence made up of blog posts, videos, podcasts – in other words: CONTENT.

Zach JohnsonZach feels he is still in the trenches but admits that he was in deeper in the past. When he used to work for a Facebook ad agency he now realizes that he wasn’t focused on the revenue producing activities. He didn’t have a consistent system or funnel and his focus was in the wrong places. He now has a dashboard that keeps track of everything.

Like many of our podcast guests, Zach believes in knowing exactly who you serve. He has chosen to focus on coaches and consultants. Zach knows he has a lot of experience with them and knows how to pour into that niche. He also strongly believes that you must focus on a market that’s already at a decision point.

“Focus on a market that’s already at a decision point” ~Zach Johnson


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What a funnel is
  • What optimization is
  • Why you must track optimization
  • How to track optimization
  • Creating a sequence of content
  • Focusing on a market that is already at a decision point

 Practical and Actionable:

Start by optimizing your current website. It’s easy to get caught up in what is outside of your existing assets. Start collecting emails off your own website to bring them into a weekly webinar. Leverage your existing assets before you dive into paid traffic or advertising. determine your traffic now by looking at your google analytics and optimize what you already have.

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