143 | Starting A Movement with Andy Zitzmann and AJ Amyx

Andy Zitzmann and AJ AmyxThere are businesses and there are movements. Business and movements  may or may not make money.  Business become your profession.  Movements become your purpose.  Today’s guests are Andy Zitzmann and AJ Amyx.  We talk about starting a movement and building it to make a difference in the world.  Too many people are scared to break away from comfort and do work that really matters.  Discover what you can do about starting your movement.

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Target Audience: Andy and AJ target authors, speakers and coaches looking to monetize their businesses. These are people who want to get stuff done, lead people and get paid while doing it. They’ve had some success but need a nudge – a map – to go bigger.

The “map” is provided in 90 day increments and can be found HERE. Their mission is to help experts figure out how monetize their message online. The program does NOT just stop at strategy and mindset. AJ and Andy have collectively spent over $200,000 in investment skill sets they can use to provide shortcuts to others and to turn a message into a true movement.

Andy and AJ firmly believe that service based entrepreneurs are each called to serve a certain group of people. Some choose to listen to that calling. These are what Andy and AJ identify as passion driven Experts who are not just in it for the money. These are people who have overcome some struggle or acquired a skill set. They have transformed their life and/or business and want to to take it bigger to create huge impact.

What Andy and AJ often find is that people chase the “HOW TO.” The speculation is that people chase this because they want to hide behind something (the ‘how’) and avoid taking responsibility. Taking responsibility and action requires the willingness to do the internal work and go deep. This is what moves you forward as a leader. Being in the learning phase is comfortable and it feels like progress.

Ultimately however, you won’t ever soar on a grander level. It’s imperative to start implementing and executing everything you learn about. This doesn’t mean you don’t continue to learn, of course. Simply however, you’ve got to have the guts to fail. Anyone who has seen the face of success has failed many times and isn’t afraid to continue failing. They stay in the game.

So, why is a movement more important that building a business? According to Andy and AJ, there are some of us who are called to lead a group of people and create a positive impact on those people. It’s a message we receive from some type of divine guidance – some voice inside of us. Those who choose to listen, go all in and help those people. It could be as simple as making a shift for just one person. By starting small, a ripple effect takes place.

A movement inspires people to take action. Every movement is created with that intention. It’s meaningful and changes people’s lives. Most importantly, it is beyond you- it is about the impact, the service, and others. In a sense this is what helped Andy and AJ out of their own trenches: when they took advantage of another’s service. Asking for help and saying “yes” to coaches, mentors and services is what ultimately lifted them out of the swamps!

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What a movement truly means
    Why you’ve got to forget about the “how-to”
    Why consuming information keeps you comfortable
    How to implement what you learn
    Why it’s ok to ask for help

Practical and Actionable:

Action taking- networking – and take a time to breathe, get present and get help. Seek a mentor, a coach, or create your own advisory board. Find a mastermind. Surround yourself with 1 or a few people who you know, like and trust. People who will hold you accountable to taking actions and get out of the trenches.

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