144 | Successful People Have a Morning Routine with Hal Elrod

Hal ElrodMost people wake up and rush around to “get it done.” Well, this is mostly a reactive mode that has you chasing your tail and just doing what comes up. There is another way. There is a better way. It is establishing a repeatable routine that positions your day for maximum effectiveness. Today’s guest is best selling author of “The Miracle Morning” and all around amazing guy, Hal Elrod. Hal shares his framework for waking up on purpose with a purpose. Get the six elements of Hal’s morning routine to improve the first minutes of your day to make the rest of your day amazing.

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Hal’s Target Audience: Hal’s audience is quite universal. His impactful book The Miracle Morning has touched everyone from college students, (who’ve reported getting off of medications for anxiety and depression) to CEO’s (who increased their revenue) to network marketers, to stay at home moms. His speaking engagements and coaching services are for a more narrowed audience including mostly professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s.

Hal started out in sales at the age of 19 for a Cutlery business called Cutco. Driving home from a speech he did for the company one day, he got into a massive car accident and pretty much died for a few minutes. He was told he’d never walk again. He did recover however and left Cutco even after achieving “Hall of Fame.”

Soon after in 2008 when the economy crashed, he crashed with it and fell into a deep depression. He knew he needed to drastically change from the inside out and realized he needed a morning routine. He was aware of 6 different yet powerful rituals successful people use to jump start their mornings: “SAVRSE” – meaning:

  • Silence
  • Affirmations
  • Visioning
  • Reading
  • Scribing
  • Exercise

These are the 6 most proven powerful personal development practices and have been around forever. Most people will swear by any one of them or all of them! Hal committed to doing ALL 6 of the rituals and began to feel good from the inside out from the start. He soon nearly tripled his income, trained for an ultra marathon, and his depression dissolved! He began to share this with his clients and saw their successes too. He began writing his first book Taking Life Head On. Hal launched his coaching business and speaking career which was always his dream.

Ten years later, Hal still speaks and does a little coaching. However, the biggest impact he’s made has been with his published book: Miracle Morning. Tens of thousands of people around the world now do the Miracle Morning. Hal has received reports that the Miracle Morning has saved marriages, gotten people out of ruts and depression and a more enhanced overall quality of life! There are currently over 800 reviews for The Miracle Morning.

The essential message The Miracle Morning conveys is instead of focusing on doing more, focus on BECOMING more. When you focus on becoming more, you can achieve more while doing less because this ritual will help you to become a better version of yourself. By performing all 6 rituals in a very simple structured way every day, you become a better version of yourself than who you were the day before. You become the person you need to be to achieve anything you want for your life. Did you know that most millionaires have a morning routine?

Many people report having a difficult time rising in the early am. Here are some tips from Yo pal Hal Elrod:

1) Place your alarm clock across the room. This forces you to get out of bed once and for all.
2) Set your intention before bed. Think about how you felt the night before christmas when you were a kid. You set an intention (maybe not consciously) about how you’d feel the next morning. More importantly, you visualized the following morning. So, what are your last thoughts before bed? Check out the Miracle Morning for some bedtime affirmations to get your energized and fired up for the next day.
Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up because you are dehydrated. Try to avoid going straight for coffee (if you’re a coffee drinker, have it afterwards). Drinking coffee as your first beverage makes you more tired because it is a diuretic.
3) Visualization. Visualize the end result. This helps your subconscious believe in that result. Get clear on what you want giving yourself more belief to make it possible. Some visualize and don’t take proper action. So, the first half of visualization should be on the end result to feel and want it. The second part should be on what are you going to do today to ensure you are moving in that direction.

How does Hal make sure he doesn’t stay in the trenches all the time? Hal focuses on creating horizontal or multiple streams. That way, he’s got constant income coming in all the time (also known as “passive income”). Hal does this through book sales, group coaching, and speaking gigs ($10,000 per speech).

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What The Morning Miracle can do for you
  • How to get up early!
  • The universal 6 motivational rituals
  • Why most successful people utilize a morning routine
  • How to set yourself up the night before
  • What to do immediately upon waking
  • How Hal avoids the trenches

Practical and Actionable:

Hal quotes Evan Pagan (a solopreneur) who urges us to all create our own morning success ritual while setting up a context in your mind. Move your alarm 30 to 60 minutes ahead. Consciously do more than you are doing now to improve yourself. Add something take yourself to the next level. Focus on who you are becoming – not what you are doing. Remember that when you become more you achieve more.

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