161 | Finding Your Audience with Jeff Goins

Jeff GoinsThere are 2 traditional approaches in the marketing world. For many, they start by chasing the masses so they can see what works. Others look for a target audience. I think both of these are wrong. I think we should be looking to find our audience and find the profitable niche that is ideal for us. Listen to Jeff Goins, speaker, author, and blogger. He is the author of The Art of Work and The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing. Jeff shares why it is so important to find your audience.

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Target Audience: Jeff is a writer who helps other writers find their audiences. He also teaches online courses for writers so they may find their audiences for efficiently.

Jeff started out as a blogger. teaches online courses for writers to find their audiences. Jeff says it is all about targeting people who think the way you think and believe in what you believe in.


Having a MANIFESTO is a perfect way to do this. You often see infographics that reflect demographics- but then there is psychographics. This connects to the way that people think! One of the best ways for you to let the world know what you are about is to write a manifesto. It reflects what you stand for and other people identify with it. It’s like drawing a line in the sand.

Why is finding your audience such an important thing if you’re a business owner?
What Jeff has realized is that everything comes down to marketing. This way of thinking transformed his business. Instead of thinking of it as a singular task, it became about connecting with the group of people who made the business – essentially- the audience. Without an audience, a business is just a storefront. What makes it a business are the people willing to pay you. The way you bridge the gap is taking the time to market. You must earn trust and begin a relationship with them. Really great marketing at its core is about connecting with what people want and making sure they don’t miss it. Seth Godin sees it as helping a worthy idea spread!

Jeff’s STRUGGLES with marketing…

Jeff admits this is something he’s always struggled with. He started out as a writer/blogger for a nonprofit (“International development and relief”) where he had his first exposure to marketing. Initially, he felt he couldn’t spread the message until he witnessed its impact. Receiving volunteers and donations for a worthy cause was worthwhile! This context gave Jeff meaning for what marketing can do. It was about connecting stories with people who need them and producing measurable action. When it’s towards the wrong people, that’s when it feels like manipulation.

What about those who don’t think they’re writers or are afraid to tell the whole story?
According to Jeff, if you write, you’re a writer! Think about it: we all write each day – so stop kidding yourself. Additionally, there are plenty of other forms of media to get your story out there like a video for example.

And if you feel afraid, Jeff encourages you to tell that story because there’s risk to be addressed there. When Jeff tells the story he is most afraid to tell, those are the ones people need to hear the most. It sets people free from self-doubt. The safe stories are the ones people don’t need to hear as much. Failure is the best way to connect with people because we have all experienced it

New Book: The Art of Work

This is a book about answering your calling. It answers the question around: how do you figure out what your life is about and build a bridge towards a life you’re meant to have? People feel they’re missing out in life. Jeff interviewed numerous people about steps and parts of a meaningful life.

Consider that you can’t keep going to a job you hate and not expect it to affect you in a negative way. Inevitably, you become what you practice. You may think you’re not a writer, but all you really need to do is just WRITE! The activity follows identity! You’ve got to give up who you think you are or who others think you are to finally do what you are meant to do

In this episode we’ll cover:

  •  Why you are already a writer
  • Why you become what you practice
  • Why marketing is NOT slimy
  • How to connect with those who need your story
  • The importance of sharing your failures
  • How marketing is about building relationships

Practical and Actionable

The best thing you can do is take out something you can write on and admit who you really are. I am ___________________.

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