177 | The Courage to be an Entrepreneur with Paul Durante

Paul Durante

Running a business takes courage. It takes heaps of courage. In today’s interview with Paul Durante, we dive deep into why courage is so important. Paul is a business partner with Jay Abraham (mentor to Tony Robbins) and all of this came to be because Paul had courage. You will also get some key insights to leveraging media for your business.


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Target Audience: Entrepreneurs seeking to create more leverage in their businesses through media.

Paul Durante connected with Jay Abraham because he mustered the courage to cold call him every single day for 2 weeks straight. You might say, he was determined. And finally, after getting him on the phone, Paul quickly understood why Jay is so successful. Jay helped Paul in tremendous ways just over the phone for FREE before they even met in person. This went on for 6 months. What Paul realized Jay puts out a tremendous amount of generosity. And Paul knows with certainty the value he provides others.


Posture is not about arrogance. It is a silent confidence. People lose their posture when they get stuck because they lose their hunger or they get comfortable. Clarity and Courage are things that can be developed. We are all good at something. And whatever that is, you feel courageous about it. It’s about driving that into your business.

Remember that if you have value to provide, you are doing THEM the favor. You must come into any conversation with that knowing and energy. Paul says that at the end of his conversations, they thank HIM.

How do we use media to leverage growth for business?

Paul posits this question: “Why does Oprah have way more money in her bank account than Tony Robbins?” Well, that’s simple. Oprah knows how to leverage media. Success begets success. Aim to build a relationship with your local media. A cold call can serve you very well if you go into it with a good and confident intention.

Paul DuranteIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • The power of a COLD CALL
  • How to leverage media for your business
  • Why you must possess excellent POSTURE
  • Knowing the VALUE you provide
  • Why you must know you are doing others a favor

Practical and Actionable:

Go HERE and go to shows 16 and 17. Listen in.  It’s impossible to not feel motivated about your business after listening to these. 


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