179 | Thought Leadership Attracts Great People with Lee Odden

Lee Odden

If you don’t have what you want, it is because you don’t understand something.

Misinformation is what gets in the way of your success. Lee Odden from Top Rank Blog is our guest and he shares
insights on thought leadership. I learned tons from this episode so I know you will enjoy the value. Discover the strategies to be a market leader

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Target Audience: Lee’s company provides content marketing services and focuses on Thought Leadership.

Content Marketing

As entrepreneurs, we seek endorsements from well known people; those who have influence and a large following. We all have aspirations to be seen in a positive helpful way and we know this is one avenue that yields potentially positive effects. However, Lee attests that in order to partner up with influential people, you must create value for them first. Find a way to work with them. Decide whether you will pay them or co-create content for them. This creates an incentive for them to work with you. Remember, that in this game, everyone must win.

& if you’re in the trenches…

Lee spent lots of time growing Thought Leadership. He had to overcome public speaking and publishing. In doing so, he learned that it attracted others who on a similar level (in terms of growing your team). It is your task to learn to identify those individuals. It’s not through “popularity” that builds your business but TALENT.

Lee’s journey with Thought Leadership….

Lee started blogging simply to share. In turn, it attracted the right people who provided positive reinforcement to keep him going. For Lee, a thought leadership based approach has opened many doors.

Why is this important in today’s marketing and digital world?

Because you must justify your existence. This creates relationships which equal longevity. Long-term clients are the heart of a business and that’s how you get successful.

Lee OddenIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Lee’s insights on Thought Leadership
  • The importance of a customer-centered approach
  • How to get top influencers on your team
  • How to create value and incentive before you approach anyone
  • How overcoming your fears connects you with the right people

Practical and Actionable:

Most people or as agencies approach connections by thinking about what THEY are going to say (or what THEY will hopefully get out of it). Instead, try figuring out what questions your buyers have and truly LISTEN. Use that as your marketing piece. This is a more customer-centered approach.

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