180 | Stop Worrying About What Makes You Different with Jason Leister

Jason Leister

Charging higher fees and positioning yourself in your market are essential to quick growth and lasting success. Jason Leister from the Incomparable Expert podcast gives ways to charge more as well as the route to getting better clients.

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Target Audience: Jason focuses on service providers and firms and specifically anyone who wants to be a one of a kind expert. He helps them create the systems that bring the clients to them.



On Raising Fees and what keeps people undercharging…

According to Jason, mindset and self image is only part of the picture. It is also about consciously choosing clients who value what you do too. Jason admits taking on clients who were not aligned with him and this is one of the factors that kept him from raising his prices.



After signing on with less-than-ideal clients, he saw that the sheen of money wore off. He became resentful about charging less than he wanted to. This prompted him to take a step back from working with clients and started writing a daily email about working with clients (“The Client Letter”). He watched as this System evolved over time. It didn’t create profit immediately but allowed him to build a relationship with his target market. People seek him now.

For Jason, this has been a process of knowing what he wanted in his life firstly. This then dictated how he created his way of serving his target market. Moral of the story: Design your life before your strategy.



How Jason gained his Target Market’s Trust…

  1. Know WHAT that group is
  2.  EARN it by showing up for people
  3. Become the trusted advisor by ACTING like one long enough


Jason LeisterIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Choosing the RIGHT clients for YOU
  • How you can finally charge higher fees
  • How to gain the trust of your Target Market
  • Why you MUST decide on the life you want to live before creating a business strategy
  • How to stop worrying about what makes you different & what to focus on instead

Practical and Actionable:

To be an incomparable expert, stop worrying about what makes you different and how to articulate it. Your audience needs to know that answer and must be able to articulate it to others. Your job is to BE it. And remember to be valuable to your people whether or not they work with you.

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