184 | The Foundation to Start Your Business with Mortgage Broker Ryan Boughen

Ryan Boughen

Breaking free to a new level is rarely achieved by doing more of what you are already doing. And doing what everyone in your industry is doing is actually the hard way. I say this hoping to inspire courage within you to do something new and dare I say…different. Ryan Boughen is our guest in this episode and he shares what he did in his mortgage business to get to the next level.

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Target Audience: Ryan focuses on helping people to develop a finance or refinance plan for homes. His target market includes mainly young families and people just starting out after a career start.

Ryan was actually a client of Gene’s. He admits it was big decision to invest in someone he never actually met before. Ryan got to Gene through this very podcast and after some deep conversation felt very comfortable in making a financial investment to collaborate with Gene for his business.

Gene’s program allowed Ryan to create the foundational elements of building a business. It helped him to realize that debt is an all consuming element in anyone’s life. As a solution to this problem, he decided to create some courses on getting out of debt. The outcome was tremendous and he received highly positive feedback and success stories. The initial experience provided Ryan the confidence and knowing that he could give value in a different way.

This wasn’t easy, as many fears must be overcome. One being, getting over the fear of contacting people he knew. It also prompted him to use social media and a sending out a consistent newsletter. He took the courageous step of producing and sharing original content which is something the majority of brokers don’t do. For Ryan, this was about mustering up the courage to do things differently than others in his field.

The key to all this is RESILIENCE. Ryan says, if you want to achieve your goals, you must work through fears and get up every morning and just grind.

Ryan BoughenIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why Ryan invested in a coach
  • Overcoming fears & getting to the next level
  • Why you’ve got to do things differently
  • The power of resilience
  • Identifying a mentor

Practical and Actionable:

Write down a plan and stick to it. Speak with someone in your industry who is successful find out why. What do they do every day? Try to emulate that as much as possible. Think big and look for a good mentor.

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