187 | The Entrepreneur’s Formula For Wealth with Todd Tresidder

Todd Tresidder

Your habits determine your health, wealth and happiness. It is not the pivotal moments in life…it is your day-to-day choices. Todd Tresidder shares insights on creating wealth. The often talked about yet rarely carried out aspects of wealth building as a leader or CEO are the focus of this episode. Listen to Todd’s practical and actionable steps.

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Target Audience: Todd focuses on those seeking to create an advanced retirement plan.


According to Todd, Habits are the results of all compounds. Think of habits as daily deposits into your savings account. The easiest way to reach a goal is to structure all your habits around achieving that goal. It’s about committing to the path rather than waiting for the “perfect” time and then getting yourself into action

The Courage to stay Growth Oriented…

…Is all about ATTITUDE. Your Attitude is what dictates your growth oriented philosophy. We can grow into whatever we choose to become.

Action & Strategy

Success is by definition “Unusual” so you have to do something unusual to get that type of success. Building wealth requires action in the form of Experiences too. Todd says,
A wealthy life is about experiences not stuff. And sometimes, this requires monetary investment. That’s an action step you must choose to take or leave. Remember that if you’re attached to “stuff,” wealth will always evade you.

Todd Is In The Trenches Too

In fact, he’s in there right now! As he runs a service business, he still trades time for money. However, he also leverages that with group coaching and strategic marketing (you can also add products in there too). Todd advises isolating your work to create more leverage. Couple that with a healthy dose of hustle and you will surely bridge the gap

Todd TresidderIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • The significance of habits
  • How habits create your wealth
  • Why Wealth is about Experience
  • Developing a growth oriented philosophy
  • Why your attitude determines ALL

Practical and Actionable:

How to build wealth: be a true entrepreneur. This is more than a “self employed job.” Being a true entrepreneur is about becoming fluent in leveraging principles and business systems. It’s one thing to get yourself in a place where you can manage all expenses. And it’s completely another to be financially free. Set your foundation early on that will allow you to create a business plan where you have a vision of where it will go.

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