189 | Getting in State for Peak Performance with Ryan Walsh

Ryan WalshWhen you lay in bed at night after a long day, what do you think about? Are you beating yourself up over what you didn’t do? Our guest today
is Ryan Walsh. What he shares with us could make or break your business. Listen in to find out why you may want to shift your perspective on what you think you “SHOULD” be doing vs. going with what your passion and purpose is.

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Target Audience: Ryan helps people who have businesses but want to feel like they have the power to earn more with less effort.

Common Myths that Hold Entrepreneurs Back

“Shiny Object Syndrome” Many of Ryan’s clients tend to believe they need more discipline and focus; they feel too distracted. What Ryan believes is that it doesn’t feel good to him to beat himself up. He asks, “what if you could just find your true passion and purpose and be more inspired and be naturally drawn to accomplish what you want?” Hone in on your strengths and outsource what feels like a chore to you.

What is REALLY behind people not getting their work done?

Ryan finds that people are often unclear about what they care about. We have all these conditioned ideas about what work looks like, what success looks like, or what we think needs to get done or accomplished. We end up going down these paths that don’t fire us up. Productivity is really about effectiveness. It is what you promised yourself you would do and he calls this – SELF HONESTY!

When Ryan Hit Rock Bottom

Ryan had an accident which catalyzed a range of other physical problems. What he learned in that experience was that mindset is so important. Once he transformed his mindset, the adverse physical symptoms went away. Thinking badly about what you haven’t gotten done will ultimately have a negative effect on your business, personal relationships and more. It was then he decided to allow himself to work on whatever felt like play. He started doing one thing at a time and became more present.

Ryan WalshIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why you could outsource what feels like a chore
  • Why beating yourself up is pointless
  • Getting clear on your passion and purpose
  • How to be more present
  • The meaning of SELF-HONESTY

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