190 | Why Putting Customers First Is Wrong with Jay Samit

Jay SamitDo you believe in putting your customers first? It is a common thought. At many levels it makes total sense. However, today’s guest is Jay Samit, author of Disrupt You!, a best selling book about innovation and growth. Jay shares insights about why this common thinking has limits as you grow your company and become a strong CEO.  Listen to this episode and “disrupt” your company.


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Target Audience: Entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to embrace new ways of doing business.


Why Jay wrote Disrupt You!

Jay is a serial entrepreneur who has started business from scratch as well as taken over Fortune 500 companies. What he has learned is that you must internally disrupt your way of thinking to create the new and thus, grow your business.



Becoming Aware of Our Internalized Conditionings

Growing up, we internalize what people tell us about who we are (from their perspective). Jay says, we are as limitless as the universe! Take off the the blinders in order to see who you can be. If you want something to change, you must change what you do. Get out of your comfort zone. Constantly! Do things you’ve never done before if you want results that you’ve never had.


Putting the Customer First: Why this is Wrong

Jay says, rather than put your customers first, put your employees first. Additionally, it is important that they understand the mission and believe in the company. Most employees don’t stay at a job because of salaries. They stay because they remember what is collectively accomplished.



Are You Really Living Life Or Just Paying Bills Until You Die?

What is your purpose? The more people for whom you solve problems for, the bigger and better your business will be. All that is required is an idea and persistence. Everything else can be “hired.” If you can glow, it will attract the best and brightest people like moths. Many entrepreneurs show up putting out fires. They go about doing the same thing every day. This may have gotten you to where you are, but not to where you are going.

Jay SamitIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why your customers DON’T come first
  • Who you should put first in your business
  • Why we are LIMITLESS beyond measure
  • Becoming aware of our conditionings from childhood
  • Why we are actually malleable when we choose to be


Practical and Actionable:

Look from the perspective of your employees or customers and write down 3 problems they see. Do this every day for one month. You will see things you didn’t recognize as problems. And from that standpoint, you will be able to stretch and grow your business. Be sure to check out your complimentary Companions Workbook from Jay!


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