193 | The Recipe for Culture Part 2 with with Landon Ray

Landon RayEvery organization has a culture. The question is, are you intentional about the culture? Our guest on the show today is Landon Ray, CEO of Ontraport. They have about 100 employees and have been intentional about being a remarkable place to work. Ontraport has been recognized by many different groups for “best place to work” and “best place for millennials to work.” Listen in to Landon’s perspective on creating an award winning culture.

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Target Audience: The Ontraport target audience is comprised of entrepreneurs with an idea or business. They are passionate about what they do but hate technology!

Why is Culture important?

Helping and supporting people (staff) to grow is what catapulted Ontraport. The culture is truly about leaders building up other leaders. Staff at Ontraport think of it as their own business and are trained to solve their own problems rather than merely just “handling tasks.” According to Landon, investing energy into growing people, what you find is that people are more inspired about their roles. And by giving them responsibility, you are giving them an opportunity for people to take ownership. What you end up having is a staff full of dedicated advocates.

Leadership Structure at Ontraport

Are leaders born or made? Lena (see episode 192) felt it could be both. Out of this notion, “Driver’s Ed was created – a 6 week program that teaches: time effectiveness (foundation). When one graduates they have permission to pitch projects. They also know the ins and outs of organization and disciplined time management!

Landon RayIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to get staff inspired about their roles
  • How to turn staff into full time advocates
  • How to train staff to solve their own “obstacles”
  • Why leaders can be made
  • Why staff taking ownership builds strong foundations for any organization

Practical and Actionable:

The management program at Ontraport is a well outlined and clear course on hiring/firing and promoting conflict resolution. By getting on their mailing list at ontraport, you can gain access to this program which is open to people even outside of organization and it is free!

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