194 | Insights to Leading Your Team with Eric Holtzclaw

Eric HoltzclawLeading the leaders in your organization is your primary responsibility. If you are a CEO, President, Founder or similar, you are charged with activating the leaders inside your organization. Our guest is Eric Holtzclaw, strategist and coach to organizations with $1m-$10m in revenues. He share insights about leadership so that you can lead your teams to higher levels.

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Target Audience: Eric serves companies that are “broken” or not scaling the way they want. Specifically, he works with those creating 1-2 million in revenue who are high tech service businesses.

How to structure a team according to Eric

Eric acknowledges many leaders have the thought that they can change the people on their team. However, when you’re structuring your team, what it really is about is identifying what they are good at and giving them a position that is going to play to those strings. Who they are what what they do at thc core doesn’t really change. And, their strengths must also compliment the rest of the team.

Hire someone who will take responsibility

You want people around you who look at things differently. People who take on a task without you having to ask them. Remember, it is very unlikely that anyone will ever love your business the way you do. However, there is a fine line and they need to be willing to step up. At the same time, also remember that they probably won’t do things the way you do them. Thus, it’s also about giving up control.

A Quick Lightning Round!!

Eric what are your thoughts on…
Hiring? Eric is always hiring. He uses networking to add to his team
Boarding? Eric believes shadowing works but is not always possible in every situation.
Leading? Eric says this can only be done by example. Stay authentic and empathetic.
Empowerment? This is an area where leaders could potentially make the biggest mistake. Be sure to EMPOWER your people.

Eric HoltzclawIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why you can’t change people, so why try?
  • How to use your team’s strengths to your advantage
  • How to EMPOWER your team
  • How to give up the need to control
  • Where leaders make the biggest mistakes!

Practical and Actionable:

My mindset is “Present-future.” Meaning, I think to myself, “what can i do today to make tomorrow better?” Try it!

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