195 | Leading a Culture Shift with Gene Hammett

Gene HammettAs a leader you are leading a culture shift to activate the leaders within your company. The shift is to activate the leaders from within. We love to grow our leadership from within because it provides a strong path of development for all of those looking up the “ladder.” Gene Hammett (that is me) the host of the show shares wisdom about CORE leadership.

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Target Audience: I choose to work with Thriving leaders who are aware that this is a never-ending process. These individuals are smart and driven CEOs that are eager to play the game of leadership at the highest levels possible. My clients don’t need coaches, however they want a coach that drives them to achieve their most extraordinary goals.

The Element of Culture and Engagement in Your Company

People today are looking for more meaning in their work in terms of their lifestyle and opportunities. Catalyzing engagement is about playing within our strengths and that of our team. This is essential for meaningful leadership. Communication styles must be acknowledged and looked at. Is your team being offered the opportunity to grow in their role? This is what shapes culture and engagement within companies.

We want our teams to work like machines – but they are not machines. They are creative people who want to solve problems. Learn to manage people like people, not machines.

Ownership and Intention

Active leaders are intentional and strategic. They know what they want. As a leader, be sure to identify your team’s vision and align it as it relates to the company. This helps to implement a strength based growth approach within the company. Also be sure to integrate a clear strategy into the culture and guide by those principles.

A Framework Around Entrepreneurial Leadership

This is about getting your team to think more like entrepreneurs. This requires more creative thinking. This goes beyond the old paradigm of “9-5” thinking – meaning when you leave a job, you don’t think about it anymore. That’s not how it works in the entrepreneurial world where you are always “on.”


At what level do your employees take ownership in their work?
Responsibility vs. Task= Responsibility is testing to arrive at solutions. This contrasts with completing “tasks” which do not catalyze culture shift. Encourage people to raise their standards – but let them decide, leading them to a new vision.


Sending out a simple moment “proud moments of the week” email allows everyone to stay on the same page where good or effective work can be reflected upon by everyone.

Energy is also an important element…

This is about the inner drive of the individuals on your team. Be sure you are managing your own energy as well as that of the team members.

Gene HammettIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • How today’s individuals want to be engaged in your company
  • How to identify what motivates your team
  • Ownership vs. Tasks
  • How to catalyze a culture shift in your company
  • How to encourage your team to raise their standards

Practical and Actionable:

Think about who you are BEING. Do you need to shift your way of being to get results? Utilize some of these principles talked about in this podcast. You can also sign up for a complimentary Results roadmap session. We will dive deep into what’s going on in your company and draw out some clear next steps.

In order to truly care about your employees, you must care about their personal goals. Find out what your employees want at personal level and identify 3 top goals and see how that aligns with your company.

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