196 | Creating a Life of Significance Takes Courage with Adam Walker and Jeff Hilimire

Adam Walker and Jeff HilimireSuccess is not just about money. In fact, I think money is only a part of success. However, I do believe success has a ton to do with significance. Also, I love to see people give back to the world using their talents and skill too. Our guests today are Adam Walker and Jeff Hilimire, who decided to do something significant. They wanted to do something for non-profits and leverage their talents too. These amazing leaders created 48 websites in 48 hours for non-profits. Discover what they learned along this journey.

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Target Audience:

Adam Walker: Founder of Sideways 8  – a digital marketing company that builds and improves custom websites
Jeff Hilimire: Founder of Dragon Army,  where mobile apps mobile strategies are developed for businesses.

Is it CRAZY to pull off BIG DREAMS?

Here are the behind- the- scenes MOTIVATIONS driving Jeff and Adam to do the unthinkable. Jeff and Adam felt that empowering Nonprofits to do more good for their clients was their primary motivating force. They felt challenged and excited to give back in a way that magnified what they were doing. Thus began the process putting it all together and linking up with other partners like Joe Kauffman from Agency Sparks (check out the episode with Joe here) who helped to lead and rally the bloggers, sponsors and more.

Adam and Jeff believe if you don’t push yourself or come up with something audacious and nuts, you’ll never reach your full potential. Why not go BIG and see what happens? It’s easier to dream bigger when you have partners who compliment what you bring.

What’s next?

Adam and Jeff want to GO NATIONAL. They helped 48 nonprofits in 48 hours and now want to do this in 3-4 different cities. Leadership and overall structure will be revamped as well for next year.

When other people caught the ear of what they were doing, they started reaching out asking to donate. What Jeff and Adam learned helped them in their own companies too.

Adam Walker and Jeff HilimireIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • Why dreaming big shouldn’t be a solo act
  • How to get the right people involved
  • Why it’s important to stretch yourself
  • How creating something big can help your business
  • Why giving back is highly profitable in surprising ways

Practical and Actionable:

Get the right people involved. Be unafraid of stretching yourself. Don’t do it alone- partner up!

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