201 | Why You Should NOT Write a Book with John Corcoran

John CorcoranHave you ever been told that publishing a book is the best thing you can do for your business? Well I have heard it. But in this day and time, consider the other options on not publishing a book (not yet anyway). John Corcoran is our guest. He is with the Smart Business Revolution podcast. He shares 5 different ways you can be seen as the thought leader or authority in your market. We talk about the reason why a book might not give you the boost you want for your business and what you can do instead.

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Target Audience: John has a Blog and podcast called Smart Business Revolution where he shows all superheroes how to build better relationships in business and turn those relationships into more clients, customers and increased revenue.

Why You Do Not Need to Write a Book

There are so many people today who place all their hopes and dreams on writing a book. It may take years for them to write it. And then what happens? Statistically speaking, most authors sell as little as 250 books and then nothing else happens after that. Simply and honestly put, it just doesn’t happen they way people think it will.

Why You Ask?

A book is really just a medium for a message. And today, there are so many ways to consume messages. We’ve got people consuming information via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Podcasts. All very easily accessible through our laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. If you think about it, a book is kind of like an antiquated format.

Strategies more effective and quicker than writing a book (a simpler approach!)

  • Podcasting
  • Writing for Publications
  • Webinars and Small Events
  • Speaking (you don’t need to have a book to speak)

The Power of Live Events:

When you’re bringing people together you become the hub (the authority) in that particular space for your narrowed niche. It gives you exposure to people you wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to.

Webinars help to build a platform and email list leading to events with more targeted people. You can sell products – and it opens up amazing doors (many times unexpected). Webinars are about building relationships on a massive scale. It’s just about getting started. There are so many people who do not get started because they have blocks around it. Often times they feel they are not “expert” enough. But really, you just need to be able to teach something new.

Webinars and Live Events Establish Market Research

You find out a great deal about your niche through surveys, the comments people post in the chat, and through emails pre and post webinar/live event. Think about it!!

John Corcoran

In this episode we’ll cover:

Why books are antiquated
The many other ways to be an Authority in your Niche
Why you are good enough to host webinars
The power of Live Events
& Other effective ways to build relationships with your target market

Practical and Actionable:

You don’t have to do all of them (webinars, live events, etc). Start with one. Focus on one and get good at it!

If you’re not sure what your next step is, brainstorm about what you want to do. Write down as many things as you can think of and let’s get on the phone and chat it out! Click here.

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