206 | Uncovering the BIG question “What is Leadership?” with Bob Dunham

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Bob DunhamLeadership is a concept that people can easily spout off a definition. The interesting thing is all those definitions will seem right yet incomplete. Leadership is not so easy to describe. Today I unpack the meaning of “leadership” with Bob Dunham who is the founder of Institute of Generative Leadership. Learn how to get leaders to generate commitments for results that matter.

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Target Audience: Bob serves individuals in Leadership roles.

Bob is a man who’s been asking the question what is leadership? How do you do it and how do you connect it to really taking care of people? This is in contrast to becoming a slave to some kind of model. Being a leader is about the production of results.

Bob thinks we need to come back to the core and the foundations of being human in order to if understand leadership and really make a difference in the world.

If we don’t know what leadership is, how can we do it well?

Unpacking the Myths:

  • “Leadership is about being in control”
  • “Leadership is about giving orders”
  • “Leadership is about knowing the most”

Leadership is about having followers! These are individuals who are with you to produce an agreed-upon outcome.

What makes a Good Leader?

They declare a future that others commit to. Leaders coordinate action into realization. So what is the shared commitment you have with others? That’s the foundation which is rooted in relationships.

What is Generative leadership?

This is about taking ACTION. The model and understanding is not enough. It’s a performance art. leadership is about how we face the unknown facing fear – how to create when no one has the answer.

What is ACTION?

There’s Commitment and then there’s Compliance. Compliance doesn’t hold the potential for a whole lot of energy.  OWNERSHIP on their hand, is energized because you automatically have CARE in the mix which produces  Value and Satisfaction to those you serve.  

Care comes up in the Conversations we have. All action comes from conversations. What conversations are you not having?  This is about emotionally connecting with people too. Are you producing trust or fear? This is what generates the results.


Bob DunhamIn this episode we’ll cover:

Commitment vs. Compliance

What Leadership truly means

Myths about Leadership

What Generative Leadership is

How to choosing your team wisely



Practical and Actionable:

Go to Generateleadership.com and sign up for regular free monthly conference calls to answer questions. There are also helpful Blogs on the site. There is  a 3.5 day Workshop that goes beyond concepts to practice. You will see new dimensions in the world after taking the action to attend.

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