207 | How to Grow Your Business 400% with Ron Dod


Ron DodMaking the shift to massive growth is not about luck. It is not all about hard work. You can work hard and never get there. Ron shares how he shifted his thinking to take his company to 7-figure success in 12 months. That is a 400% growth. We share how he stopped working some clients and stopped offering some services to get there. Ron Dod is a Co-founder with Visiture. This interview will give you a play-by-play if you let it.
Target Audience: Ron is the Co-Founder of Marketing for ECommerce which serves entrepreneurs seeking to improve their marketing strategies.

“I realized I could let other good people do better work than I did” ~Ron Dod

Ron’s company Visiture grew 400% when he experienced a huge eye opening opportunity: He realized he could get away from all the processes he didn’t enjoy doing and let other good people do better work than he could do. The big goal was to become a million dollar company and they made it.

There’s that word again… NICHING!

It’s not about finding customers it’s about finding the RIGHT customers. Once Ron was able to adequately identify who his best customers were, he saw that the numbers don’t lie. He quickly developed a high customer retention rate. He was then able to give a crazy amount of value and received a large amount of returns.

This is because his target market GETS the value of what Visiture does. The Marketing strategy now flowings as a result. Visiture also now has the luxury of capping the amount of customers it takes on. Ron admits that there’s a Fear of not getting all the customers but as a business matures, it can grow smart and profitably with the RIGHT customers.

“It’s about finding the right customers” ~Ron Dod

The Power of SPEAKING!

Although Ron didn’t have much experience at the time, he took the plunge, (and after practicing his speech about 80x) gave his talk at IMAGINE. He gave away a great amount of content and tremendous value. The changes in his business? He was quickly slammed with leads and sales for a long time and the company grew 400%. This made Visiture an Authority in their market.

On New Hires…

He quickly had to hire many new people at once. He knew he wanted to grow rapidly and so hiring those who were experts in the areas he was not allowed for that growth.

“Numbers don’t lie” ~Ron Dod

Ron DodIn this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Ron grew his company 400% quickly
  • Why Speaking is so powerful for your business
  • The power in hiring a team
  • Why Niching is everything
  • Why your target market GETS the value you bring

Practical and Actionable:

Do what you do best and get people behind you who know what they are doing to take over the other parts of the business. Take Massive Action. Get hyper focused. Ensure the marketing side of things is being driven by an expert in that area.

“You have to fail a lot of times to figure out what works” ~Ron Dod

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