210 | Leading Through Change with Ryan Estis

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Leading change in any organization is a constant, ever evolving challenge. This requires the discipline to change and the desire to disrupt. Ryan Estis, professional speaker and consultant, offers insights on change and continuing to reinvent leadership. This interview with Ryan goes deep into aspects of leadership we have not delved into before on this show. Listen to this episode to see how leadership drives investment, performance, and growth.

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Target Audience: Ryan serves a broad range of businesses who are focused on effectively navigating change and growth. He hosts about 75-80 Live Events a year focused on business performance.

Innovation & Effectively Managing through Change

Businesses are changing at a rate like never before. This is the challenge leaders are facing today- how to effectively navigate today’s ever changing marketplace.

Out of Dilemmas are Born New Solutions

Having the desire to disrupt and reinvent your business is everything in today’s world. Clients are growing faster than agencies today. Technology is shifting the landscape quickly. In essence, Technology is disrupting everything. Even the way we purchase is constantly changing. Take Amazon for example. Bookselling is pretty much extinct. And one day soon, Amazon will be disrupted too. This is why we all must have an appetite for reinvention. This is a challenge every leader should be thinking about.

We are Creatures of Habit: Why that’s a PROBLEM…

The fear of failure within each of us as Leaders must be navigated. Ryan believes the biggest breakthrough in business happens right outside our comfort zones. He advises to lead from the perspective that you will be uncomfortable. Tolerance for failure is everything. Do you treat them as valuable lessons pushing you forward?

The way we lead is constantly being disrupted too. There is an underlying and constant pressure to do things better faster and differently. One could react to this in a stressful way or perceive it as a catalyst for growth.

If you’re not taking the time out to be still and think and be creative about your next steps, it will cost you. This is why it’s super important not to over schedule yourself. Be mindful of this!

What pisses off Ryan most…

Despite the fact we have more ways to communicate than ever before, Employees are starving for communication. Leadership is a responsibility we must step up to and OWN. It is also an opportunity to change employees’ lives too. Listening is everything. It’s also about the courage to set standards and hold people accountable to the standards you’ve established. Leaders must set this example first and foremost. Consistency is key.

Ryan Estis Practical and Actionable:

If you want to effectively lead through change you must have a clear target. What’s the VISION? It must be clearly defined and consistently articulated because  it instills confidence in the future. It also prevents people (staff) from opting out.

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