211 | Narrowing It Down to the Essential with Greg McKeown


Greg McKeown

Are you busy? Are you pushing yourself to get it all done? Well, most of us a struggling to keep up with the opportunities we have now. And if we are not careful those good opportunities will keep us from what is most essential. Today I talk with Greg McKeown, author of NY Best Selling book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.  This is a call to maximize effort and productivity by eliminating the superfluous. We talk about narrowing down your life to the essentials.

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Target Audience: Greg serves capable curious and interested people who want to live a life that really matters but sometimes find themselves feeling like they have to do it all.

Why Greg wrote the book Essentialism

Greg came to an understanding in his journey that if one does not prioritize in their lives, someone else will do that for them. Out of that lesson and pain he experienced, came the question: “Why do so many people do so many things which lead them to feel stretched too thin?”

When there is an increase in success, there often comes an equal amount of options and opportunities. It can end up leading certain entrepreneurs into the endless pursuit of more. Success can become a catalyst for failure and you may lose that sweet spot.

 This is the cause of why small startups don’t achieve distinction against their competitors. We have to become successful at success – this is what the core of Essentialism is about.

What is an Essentialist?

An Essentialist is Somebody who chooses those things or items which are absolutely essential to the growth of their business. An Essentialist creates the space to explore and evaluate those items every day. Ask yourself, is it a hell yes, or a hell no? Eliminate the nonessentials. This will allow you to make executions in the most refined way possible. A system can be developed in a way that is then efficient.

 The Concept of “Priority”

This word came about in the Industrial Revolution. The word became pluralized later on. Something changed in our culture which caused the word to be changed. The birth of non- essentialism. We went from Connected to HYPER- Connected.

Practical and Actionable:

Take a few minutes every day to make an essential list of 6 important things to do. Place them in priority order. Then cross out the bottom 5. Take the top and do as much as you can to get it done. THEN move on to the next item.


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