212 | Being a Courageous Leader with Jordann Windschauer

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Jordann Windschauer

Are you busy? Are you pushing yourself to get it all done? Well, most of us a struggling to keep up with the opportunities we have now. And if we are not careful those good opportunities will keep us from what is most essential. Today I talk with Greg McKeown, author of NY Best Selling book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. This is a call to maximize effort and productivity by eliminating the superfluous. We talk about narrowing down your life to the essentials.

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Target Audience: Jordann’s target audience includes those seeking a healthier lifestyle through food. The audience she serves may broad, but they all have one thing in common: they seek a healthier lifestyle through food.

The MISSION of Jordann’s company…

Jordann found a Niche in the market field for the healthy- minded. And thus was born the goods and snacks that follow the paleo diet. So, her mission became to generate passion within their followers by promoting basic primal foods. It is about bringing people back to their base and taking them out of the complications generally found in food. In a deeper sense, it is also about giving people a different way of looking at life by supporting their interests in living a clean and healthy lifestyle.

While any company is about its clients, Jordan also realized it is equally imperative to treat her employees like family. This is about staying humble and remembering where you come from and how you got there.

Jordann’s Journey to Becoming a Leader…

Jordann realized she couldn’t do this on her own from Day 1! Luckily, she admits, she had her father on board who was always very entrepreneurial minded. However, even with his guidance, she was still essentially on her own.

A big part of being a Leader (as she came to learn) is Identifying what you KNOW is your supreme STRENGTH. Stand firmly with confidence in those things you are good at. The next step is then hire people for those areas that you are not so good at.

Jordan says she knows she must hire people more experienced than herself in order to get to the next level. Understanding how everyone fits together is what allows Leaders to create a team which is really just one big force pushing forward.

On being a YOUNG Leader

Being a young 20-something year old was at once quite intimidating for Jordann. However, she came to see that she was able to bring a fresh new perspective to an “older” crowd of CEO’s.


The COURAGE it takes to be a LEADER. It takes courage every single day. If you’re not feeling that fear, then it is probably not worth it. There is most likely something else you could be doing.

Jordann WindschauerPractical and Actionable

On a piece of paper, write down words that describe YOU as a person and transform that as a brand. People will perceive you differently and in a more Leadership type of manner.

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