213 | Talent Development with Tara Powers

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Tara Powers Tara and her team use a tool called “DISC Personality Assessment” to help people understand themselves better. . It’s purpose is to opens up a world of opportunity to develop people on her team. This is a powerful tool to access a high level of awareness on how an individual thinks and processes information. It also gives an awareness of who you are as a Leader.

Tara believes in promoting people from within because they are good at what they naturally do best. This is about developing a new set of skills to excel at being a leader.

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Target Audience: The Powers Resource Center has been in business for approximately 15 years this year. They have served thousands of leaders and managers in Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 companies. More specifically, it is for companies that are going through growth and are really trying to build their talent capabilities.

The foundation of Leading is creating TRUST so that people WANT to follow you. This allows for clear COMMUNICATION!

More specifically, this tool helps to indicate how a person responds to conflict and stress. This allows people to more appropriately manage conflict so that they can ask for what they need- and reveals preferences and styles which allow the leader to be more flexible in how they recognize and delegate to people. A leader who understands others will excel.

How do we bring out the best in people & leverage that?

We can’t change people. We can’t fix people. They are who they are. So, take what they excel at and leverage that. It’s about knowing everyone’s strengths. This is why it’s an important tool for teams and leaders.

Tara PowersPractical and Actionable:

  1. Try Dic” as one of your business’s initiatives
  2. Use it now and use it as your company grows. Do comparison reports with your team as you onboard more people
  3. Pilot it to figure out how you want it to shift and shape your culture.

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