221 | Leveraging Your Unfair Advantage with Scott Oldford

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Most peopleScott Oldford believe they understand how to nurture prospects into becoming customers. Well, the key word there is “nurture.”  Most people are talking to everyone with the same message and this is the problem. Today we go deep with Scott Oldford on a framework for marketing that will help you keep each person moving at their individual and personalized pace with your business. Scott is the founder of Infinitus, marketing systems are created so that businesses can have a predictable flow of quality leads. We look at the evolution of marketing funnels.

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Target Audience: Scott is alive to help entrepreneurs get the experience without the experiences. He targets entrepreneurs who produce 50k to half  a million revenue per year. He focuses on helping them get over that 7-figure hump with the use of marketing funnels.

Get the Experience Without the Experience

We can learn through experience or we can learn through mentors. Scott’s service takes away all the harsh experience and provides a guide. You can be really smart and be a complete failure.

The biggest challenge entrepreneurs Scott serves is that they do not leverage their ability to take value and impact people in a one- to- many way. They haven’t realized how to leverage and increase their significance. Think of it this way: Money is stored value. Without leverage you get stuck where you are. And then, the determination dwindles. Scott focuses on leveraging their “unfair” advantage. This is about broadcasting in the right time and places. This is where online marketing comes in.

Scott expresses that we went online and forgot how to be human beings. He urges us to remember that we are actually marketing to other human beings. We are trying to highlight a pain they may or not be aware of. We are trying to nudge them. Then we must clearly show them the process- we educate them. Then we show them the outcome and help them understand how to solve it.

The Marketing Plan

Scott urges us to build a marketing method that truly shows your customers that you care about them and you are not trying to get a sale. The days of blatant advertising are done. People are too smart for that. Timing is everything.  

Practical and Actionable:

Plan your marketing by asking yourself who this is relevant to. Base your marketing upon that. Your marketing must be relevant to the person you are looking at it. You must be very specific about who is looking at the pieces.

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