222 | Interview with the author of Unmistakeable with Srini Rao

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Srini RaoHumans are meant to grow. Our guest today is Srini Rao- author of Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best. In today’s noisy world, Srini shares with us how to be unmistakable in your market. We also talk about the Trap of Success and how the concept of “making it” only slows anyone’s growth process. Tune in to find out more on how to keep growing in your business and be Unmistakable in your market.

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Target Audience: Srini is the founder of Unmistakable Creative. He serves creatives and those looking to live more meaningful lives- those who wish to let go of all they believed to be true about life and business.

The Trap of Success: What this means to Srini

You think you get to a point and it’s all over. As if you are “done” with the process. That you are finished. “I’ve made it”- is the biggest thinking trap. We are all meant to grow. Srini admits that doesn’t ever want to plateau. Labels create limitations and are also a trap. This is about being unmistakable and keeping yourself in a continuous pattern of growth.

I’m not flawless. The big idea behind Unmistakable…

Srini shares and admits he makes mistakes all the time. But there’s a time and place to pay attention to details when you are crafting your creation. Those are the details that make you stand out as a creative.

Why ONLY is better than BEST

WHY? Because, you don’t even want to have to put your signature on it. You want to be recognized for your work as solely yours. Think about the ABOUT page you find on most websites. They all pretty much have the same format- it’s just a bunch of facts. Humans are wired for Inspirational Stories. It’s about connection. People don’t connect via logic, but rather via EMOTION.

The World is Becoming More & More NOISY

Be AWARE of this! When you want your work to be SEEN, mimicking others just doesn’t cut it. So here’s a compass:

  • What are your consumption patterns?
  • Be the FIRST YOU
  • Ask yourself: “How am I going to design my consumption patterns so that they lead to a diverse perspective?
  • Continuously make things. Whatever that means for you (writing, taking photographs, etc!). You wont be able to help seeing the world differently!
  • Break the Rules so people resonate

Practical and Actionable:

Draw from different art forms. Create an experience no one would have thought of. Stop looking at your own art form to create. Look at other categories for ideas.


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