223 | The 3 Keys to Entrepreneur Success with John Bowen

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John Bowen

Today we look at the 3 keys to entrepreneurial success. What is really special about this is having John Bowen with me on the podcast. John is considered the #1 coach to financial advisors. He is very targeted with who he serves and we unpack what that means to his business. Listen in to John share how to navigate your path to success.

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Target Audience: John coaches top Financial Advisers

Entrepreneurs tend to be so focused on pitching. But John believes in focusing on the discovery period. This is where as an entrepreneur, you determine whether the client is a good match to your business. This can potentially lead to far greater benefits than just monetary ones.

Your Personal Story

The more focused you are on delivering your unique knowledge, your Personal Story – the more people will be able to SEE you amongst the giant sea of other entrepreneurs. Your story is the only thing that really separates you.

At John’s company, CEG, he and his team aim to match their clients with the most appropriate financial advisors. They believe that no matter what business you are in, you can start building serious wealth. It requires a positive Mindset, high drive and of course, a passion for your market. A drive to achieve maximum wealth is not about getting money. It is about much more than that: flexibility to make better choices in your business.

The opportunity to be more successful – You Must Do These 3 Things Well

  1. Nail that client experience! Deliver world class service
  2. Put systems in place to attract that steady stream of clients
  3. Focus on the numbers. It is easy to get caught up and not pay attention to the equity. You must have something you deliver to your clients that is DISTINCTIVE. Otherwise, you will lose.


It is imperative to build an enterprise that builds value. If you can’t deliver great client experience, don’t waste money marketing. You won’t get that word of mouth.  You want your clients to share their great experience. This is about helping a client get the results they want.

Practical and Actionable:

Get the book The State of the Entrepreneur. Do the Personal wealth assessment. Get it HERE.

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