227 | Getting to Yes. The Art of Professional Persuasion with Matthew Kimberley

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Matthew Kimberley

Getting someone to YES is a part of life. It might in business or in your personal life. Have you ever tried to get a 9 year old to say YES to cleaning his room? Well it takes certain skills. Our guest is Matthew Kimberley who shares insights on getting to YES in business. Matthew is a sales master and his wisdom on sales will help you grow your business.

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Target Audience: Matthew targets lawyers, accountants, creative professionals, coaches and/or consultants. His aim is to help generate more leads, convert more paying clients and scale into effortless profitability.

A Holistic Approach

Matthew says the relationships you make with others who may or may not become your client is everything because you want to ensure people around you are talking about you in a positive way.
He claims the biggest reason people don’t sell is that they aren’t having enough sales conversations or making any sales offers. Sales conversations require instigation. A system needs to be put in place – a sort of checklist to get there without sounding like an infomercial. Like any muscle, our sales muscle needs to be strengthened. Practice IS required. Matthew calls his system “the Form.” And here it is for you…

The FORM: 16 Aspects (Highlights below! Listen in for a fuller explanation)

  • The Qualification Stage: making sales offers to the right people. Those who are inappropriate are a waste of your time.
  • Control- the system
  • Likability
  • Credibility: Significance of being published; etc.
  • Be sure to create marketing that Elicits an immediate visceral yes and then provides the solution
  • Appropriate Risk Reversal

What’s the Hardest aspect of the FORM?

Matthew finds that straying away from putting the client on a pedestal is the hardest mindset for people to transform. Shifting from that mindset to the mindset that the best thing for them is YOU makes all the difference. Think about it: a dentist doesn’t ever thank YOU for coming to your appointment. You, the customer, thank him- right? As an entrepreneur, you must go into conversations with that mindset.

Practical and Actionable:

Have more sales conversations. By multiplying your sales efforts you will multiply your results. Holistic the network around you. When more people who are around you say good things about you, your yeses will increase. It is then easier to: appear more credible; get more endorsements when the right people are saying positive things about you (joint venture relationships). You can proactively build your relationships if you don’t have any. Go out there and build with people who matter to your business and who can help you get things you can’t get on your own.

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