228 | Beyond the Ceiling: Unlimited Potential with Daniel Battan

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Daniel Battan

Our guest, Daniel Battan is the founder of “Beyond The Ceiling.” Daniel saw that the problem existent within many entrepreneurs was that they saw a “ceiling” for themselves – or in other words, a limited potential that could be reached. However, the “ceiling” is NOT the ultimate potential one can reach. There is ALWAYS more (think: “the sky”). Beyond The Ceiling is about stepping outside and realizing that there is no ceiling in your capabilities. It is unlimited! Daniel brings a very grounded approach that can be used by entrepreneurs.

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Target Audience: Daniel serves Serial/Tech Entrepreneurs who want to become visionary leaders.



Daniel focuses on entrepreneurs. He saw an opportunity in the sector and aims to bring new standards to the entrepreneurial field. There are always skills and mindset capabilities to improve upon. However he saw that many tech entrepreneurs were missing this one key piece in their business: Growing the person who ran it the business.  

New Zealand: A Place of Innovation… HOWEVER…

Daniel’s home country of New Zealand is comprised of a society that is quite self reliant being that it is geographically isolated. However- he often saw that people do not believe in ourselves and/or do not believing in other people. His mission is to build the nation’s GDP (Increase Gross Domestic Confidence). And he’s doing it one person at a time- and beginning with the entrepreneurial community.

Daniel serves entrepreneurs who are at a conundrum- they have had financial successes but are now wondering where their happiness has gone. They have lost their sense of purpose and contribution to the world. They are rich in poor ways.



Why choose Confidence for ourselves and those around us?

Because, Daniel says, it makes a better world! There is nothing worse than a life that lacks confidence. The consequence? Regret! Lots of it! With confidence you can do the things you want to do.

The Power of Personal Development is rooted in healthy self esteem. In school in and in life in general,  we’re taught that success is about the result and many people end up chasing a result. However, this is not the meaning of happiness. And without happiness, what is the significance of success?

We gain confidence from the actions we perform today. These actions should be in line with who we truly are.



Practical and Actionable:

  1. A Practical step stems from 2 things. First, the art of confidence is a mindset. It is NOT about trying to change things about yourself. Always aim to serve. Keep in mind that self doubt is not actually a problem. Don’t suddenly judge yourself for having self doubt. Rather, acknowledge it- ask yourself is it true and useful? Make a conscious choice to take action in that state. Transform the state that you notice you are coming into confidence.
  2. Know what you are doing. Master your craft. Over prepare for those moments. Know yourself so well that you are speaking from the heart.

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