230 | Leadership Communication and Connection with Ron Wallace

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Ron Wallace

Today’s guest and author of Leadership Lessons from a UPS driver is Ron Wallace. Ron emphasized the importance of how true connection is even better than communication. An effective leader does not hold back secrets but rather shares them to gain input and feedback from his team. Ron points out the fundamental principle of giving praise to your team- something that is very simple but has been forgotten. Tune into this episode on the principles of Leadership Connection.  

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Target Audience: Ron serves God. He was a leader at UPS for 30 years


Ron’s Book: Leadership Lessons from a UPS driver

We ask Ron: Why did THIS book have to be written? According to Ron, in the world of UPS, there aren’t many stars or super heroes, yet anyone could have written this book. However, Ron stepped forward and pulls back the curtain to reveal how the company has inspired generations of motivated employees. UPS has moved steadily up the Fortune 500 while so many other corporations have disappeared.

Leadership is about taking ownership and putting out fires quickly. It is also very much about the ART of CONNECTION. Communication is key, yet Connection goes way deeper!


How Does a Leader Teach their Team to Taking Ownership?

Ron says, you identify your teams and give them responsibilities. Hold them accountable. At UPS, people are hired for a Lifetime career- NOT a job! Those people promote the legacy from generation to generation. This is one of the big advantages at UPS and yet something that can be adopted in other businesses.

Some Common Theme of Leadership Lessons from a UPS driver (Ron’s Book)

Ron speaks about being on the front line, being in action; being with people, and asking the right questions. Communication is good. Connection is better. For example, the management community does not operate from an office – they are out in the field connecting with people face to face. Their purpose is gaining understanding and input. Most of the innovative ideas don’t come from the engineers but those employees who are out on the front lines.

The people that get their hands dirty know the job best. Many shortfalls can be cured via their input.


Connection is about building a TRUST factor. Holding back no secrets- but rather opening the space for open communication and input. UPS has an open door policy. This provides space for employees to talk about their jobs. It always comes back to engagement, trust, and involvement.

The ability to acknowledge and praise is a serious strength not every leader has. It’s ok to tell people they are doing a good job. There is a tendency to point out faults. If you are a YES leader, it goes a long way. Recognition- a pat on the back is EASY! And yet, It’s not done enough.


Practical and Actionable:

In Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver, Ron talked about using simple principles within the structure. It begins with SHARING the VISION.

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