239 | Understanding Growth Hacking with Brad Stevens

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Brad Stevens

Growth hacking is not a new term. It has become a big topic in today’s marketing and scaling conversations.  Our guest today is Brad Stevens with Entreholic. We talk about new tools and strategies to accelerate your growth. See how you can use growth hacking in your business.

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Target Audience: At Entreholic, Brad primarily focus on providing  fully outsourced turn key marketing solutions for small to medium businesses. He and his team developed online courses to help small business owners and entrepreneurs with the resources to get “out of the ground.”

A Bit of Background

After starting multiple companies, he’s been eating, sleeping and breathing the essence of entrepreneurship. In his journey, he picked up marketing and technology techniques that could be used to launch companies these days- and even leveraging the companies through different modalities. Entreholic pieces together all the creative and innovative ways you’ve got to think about when starting a business.

So, What’s Growth Hacking?

It is about finding innovative ways to get your biz out of the ground and leveraging tools not available to people in the past. Growth Hacking outlines ways to stretch your dollar whilst getting leads, closing sales and driving your brand. The ideas and solutions are out of the traditional norm.

Data Mining

You can leverage resourcing and leveraging what you outsource to people who do nothing but low cost administrative work that can scrape the web an entire list for you of hundreds or thousands of target individuals.

Trait shows

If you want to be in front of the thought leaders in your industry, you could do a search. Again, this is yet another task that could be outsourced if you’re not up for it.  You (or the person you hire ) can assemble a spreadsheet of thought leaders and shows. The sites most likely have a tab on their site called “Speakers” – then you instantly have a list of all the thought leaders in you industry

Predictable Revenue- Recommended Read!

This book outlined how you blend technology and approach with your sales process. It helped Brad to differentiate his strategies between Smarter vs harder.


Though there are negative reviews out there, there is great potential in using this platform to outsource. It created so much freedom for Brad. There’s a global network of tens of millions of people who are highly talented, professionally trained and who want to work remotely and use technology! They work from home and are able to do unbelievable work at cost effective rates. You could have multiple people working for you/with you doing different types of tasks.

Figuring It All Out

What are you trying to get done in your business (as far as a digital marketing system goes)? Determine that first and then identify where freelancers would plug into the equation. What are the things you really like doing? What are the things you may like doing but don’t have the right kind of expertise in? Content writing is a great example. What are the top 3 main priorities (main impact)?


Why Does it Matter?

For Brad, it’s a big unique puzzle of what you can potentially do to grow your business. It is about working smarter not harder. Brad enjoys helping people figure out how to leverage your time and money both personally and professionally. As an entrepreneur himself, he loves helping other entrepreneurs.

What we’ll cover in this episode

  • Why you don’t have to get it all done alone
  • Defining Growth Hacking
  • The importance of Growth Hacking  
  • Understanding what you can outsource.
  • Solving the big puzzle around digital marketing and leveraging

Practical and Actionable:

Get the Growth hacker marketing book. This is a wonderful resource. Then Go to upwork.com and take their course on how to leverage. Also check out the top 200 tools- special for LITT listeners HERE.  

Resources and Links

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