241 | The Crazy Idea that Changed A Speaker’s Bureau with Nancy Vogl

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Nancy Vogl

Nancy Vogl, founder of the Speaker’s Bureau talks about the power of face to face interaction. In today’s world of ever-expanding technological advancement, it’s tempting to take the shortcut and connect with people via email or Facebook. Nancy says this is WEAK! She is a firm believer in the power of nurturing the connections you wish to make. Tune in to find out how Nancy is currently following up with a list of 380 people- the real way!

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Target Audience: The Speakers Bureau books speakers, authors, and celebrities for events. While the Speakers Bureau serves speakers, it also serves the audiences as well.  The mission is to bring that connection to the spoken words to a hungry heart and mind.

There are many nuances that go into choosing a speaker – many aspects that come into play that the client happens to be looking for in the speaker they want.

The Big Idea Behind the Mission

Dr. Wayne Dyer was Nancy’s very first speaker. This was ‘back in the day’ when phones were used and voices were heard. The internet came along and things changed. Technology has impeded the process of connecting on a human level. During that period of frustration, Nancy learned she had a brain tumor.

And in the process of all that, she read an article on elevating business through making more human connections. The author of the article spoke about how she took off a year to do that. Nancy became so inspired by the idea that she decided to take off for a year too. Needless to say, people thought she was crazy. Nonetheless, Nancy carried on and spent the year going around to meet her clients face to face.

She found a van and lived in it and traveled around for a couple of months with her husband. She stopped at 24 states and visited 380+ organizations. She would leave her catalog of speakers with each organization. She’d always call ahead before coming and would leave handwritten notes upon leaving- adding it that extra personal touch.

Although people thought she was crazy, they also felt like she was living THEIR own dream. And despite having a brain tumor, she felt that because she is still alive, she had much more to do. She feels grateful for the chance to do good work.

Nancy emphasizes that you cannot re-create the energy of seeing someone face to face. If face to face is not possible, then the phone is the next best thing.

The Impact

Nancy didn’t expect to see return for a while (maybe a couple of years). And she is currently doing follow up now (for 380 people). She is nurturing and taking her time with it as all good relationships take time!

Life is short. Nothing should stop you. Just a few days after her surgery to have her tumor removed, she booked a speaker from her hospital bed. During her summer of re-cooperating, she used her downtime to plan her trip. Everything fell into place! She believes in the power of intention and following through.

Email is WEAK!

Email is for the details- it’s NOT how you get to know someone. Use the phone to connect or face to face is even better. Continue to be the best you can be and get discovered. Elevate yourself in this industry by making friends and connections.  Work on your platform skills. Give impact and value where they walk away with wanting to take action. Move them.


So many speakers polish and practice. There’s value in that but when a speaker is up there being real, that is really golden.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The power of authenticity
  • Why emailing is a weak platform for communication
  • The power of face to face interaction
  • The power of voice through phone
  • Why following up and nurturing relationships is everything

Practical and Actionable:

If you can’t stop thinking about a big idea, do some mind mapping. The big idea may be formulated for you.

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