244 | From Expectation Hangover to Finding Happiness Within with Christine Hassler

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Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler, author of the book Expectation Hangover gets vulnerable about how she found true happiness. In using the experience of a crisis, she found the excuse to go through a soul transformation. Now she helps others do the same! On this episode, we talk about how the way to do truly impactful work is by answering our own inner calling. It is about understanding that the answers cannot be found anywhere outside of ourselves.

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Target Audience: Christine travels the globe hosting retreats and speaks at events. She helps people answer the vital questions of: Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it? And What’s the impact I want to make?

After a quarter life crisis and several personal and professional losses, Christine decided to reorient her life. She realized she had been seeking happiness outside herself. Yet, she finally understood happiness could only be found from within. This understanding totally flipped her orientation and perspective on life.

Expectation Hangover (Christine’s published book)

What was aching inside that made the book happen? Christine shares that the stream of crises provided a huge window of opportunity for transformation to occur. It’s what Christine calls the “Expectation hangover.” We want to get out of the feeling of pain, disappointment as quickly as possible. Some of us see it as an opportunity for healing. It is a chance to get out of destructive cycles you may be repeating.

When it comes to heartache, (in business or personal) ‘quick fixes’ don’t really cut it. This, Christine wanted to create a holistic and comprehensive book that serves as a treatment plan to help people heal from some of their deepest pains.

On a soul level, it is important to feel in touch with our gifts, like we are leaving behind a legacy. At the core, each of us wants to create something that is meaningful. The hard part is that we are wired and taught how to achieve success externally and logistically. We are not taught to know what success really feels like on an internal level. We’re not taught how to look at our own shadows.

To do impactful work, we have to be clear. We need a solid foundation. It is easy to build a business that makes money but not as easy to build something truly connected to who we are on the soul level.

Sometimes we need an expectation hangover to get ourselves in gear. But sometimes we are afraid of making the changes because of the unknown future. And then, the universe might bring us that expectation hangover because something needed to change. All in all, we are the ones who manifest the changes in our lives.

Activating People to Move Forward with More Clarity

What Christine first does to help her clients is identify their compensatory strategy. As babies we were totally whole. Then life events caused us to have these compensatory strategies in attempts to feel that wholeness again. For example becoming a people pleaser or an over achiever are 2 examples of a compensatory strategy. The motivation stems from a place of lack. This way of living is unsustainable if true happiness and fulfillment is what one seeks.

What is motivating your success, truly? Does it stem from some pain? Shift to the possibility of what you could create based on INSPIRATION rather than MOTIVATION. That changes the context of what SUCCESS really means!

What’s the difference between INSPIRATION VS. MOTIVATION

Motivation- IS a drive and a push. Often people are hard on themselves and they don’t even realize it. Pressure- very heady and stems from an external rather than internal.

Inspiration – is about feeling. It is an inner CALLING. There are feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and resonance with who you are. Inspiration comes from vision and moves us forward. It has a much lighter quality while also having momentum.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Seeking happiness from within
  • Using crisis for transformation
  • How to do impactful work
  • Answering our Souls’ inner calling

Practical and Actionable:

Get out a piece of paper. Mark it 1-5
Write down your top 5 core values. Most can’t do it. Or perhaps they haven’t given it a lot of thought. Our values are our compass. That’s how we know what we are inspired by. Before making decisions, check in to see if the decision lines up with those values. Write down your vision. Use your imagination productively. Rather than worry, create a positive vision. Write it, see it, feel it every day. Let your vision be your gas to pull you forward.

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