250 | Innovation Is a Competitve Advantage with Tamara Kleinberg

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Tamara Kleinberg

Innovation means different things to different people. I agree with our guest today, Tamara Kleinberg (founder of Go To Launch Street) about innovation. Innovation is a process of thinking differently and acting on it. Ideas that are cool and interesting, really don’t mean that much. It is the implementation of the ideas that drives innovation. Our guest today, is a speaker and brand strategist that helps companies innovate in today’s fast changing world.

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Target Audience: Tamara shows entrepreneurs how to be innovative by unlocking that part of themselves.

When you are doing it like everybody else, you add to the noise and when you add to the noise, people walk away. It’s not until you do something innovative and different that your target audience starts to open up their wallets for you.

The Process of Thinking Differently

This is not just a process you undergo when you want to innovate. You must also think differently about your challenges. Pretend the brick wall does not exist, take action and put that into the marketplace. Uncover how to create that unique selling space. It should be something bold that people will open up their wallets for.

Being Innovative is About Being Unique

Take note: Innovation is a competitive advantage. We can’t be afraid to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Something Tamara does is list everything she sees in her industry. The language, customer service, product, etc. From that, she determines what they are NOT doing. She knows this is how she will stand out. It’s scary – because some of those things they are doing ARE working for them. However, just because it works for them does not mean it is going to work for you.

As leaders, we focus on the outcome. It is important to have a team where everyone has tapped into their inner innovator. This means rewarding behaviors. No matter what. Reward enhances innovation. Don’t just reward what works out. Reward everything.

Innovation is Such a Powerful Piece of the Puzzle

Innovation is more valuable than resources. If we are not building an innovative business from the ground up, we’re missing a significant foundational piece.   

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The process of thinking differently
  • Why innovation is a competitive advantage
  • How to be Unique in your industry
  • The foundation you must set for your business
  • Why you should not be doing what everyone else is doing

Practical and Actionable:

Get out of your own shoes and your head. Think about the products that you geek out on. Think about how they would put out a product, how they would connect with their customers. It is incredibly easy to be innovative when you do this. How would they create more community in their business? Apply that back into your world. Allow yourself to be free when you’re doing this process.

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