252 | Celebrate 3 Years – What Happens When Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working with Molly Pittman

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Molly Pittman

How to get your Facebook Ads to work – today we talk with Molly Pittman. I want to say “THE” Molly Pittman because I am such a fan of her work. Molly is the VP of Marketing for Digital Marketer. She is also a co-host at the Perpetual Traffic podcast. She shares her 4 tips to fix your Facebook ads.

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Target Audience: Marketing for Digital Marketer serves anyone wanting to learn digital marketing. This includes marketing agencies and professionals both big and small. Basically, it serves those seeking online strategies.

What to do when Facebook ads are JUST not working. Here, we walk you through 4 important aspects…


Looking at your OFFER- this is not necessarily your product. What is meant by offer is the way it is being presented to your audience. And if the Facebook ads are not working, chances are that other mediums also would not work. It’s most likely not working because of the way you are positioning whatever it is you are trying to sell. Remember, you are dealing with real humans who happen to be on the other side.

Giving them something of VALUE FIRST is a great way to reach them. Your hook or marketing message has got to be aligned with this. THINK: Why should they care?


VALUE: troubleshooting comes down to looking at all the steps. It is about testing multiple hooks against different avatars. Different people are going to want something for a different reason. Who are the different people you can speak to and the different reasons they’d want it?


A HOOK is combining the pain point and offering the solution. What is this person going to have when they take my offer that they didn’t have before? How are they going to feel afterwards? How will their average day improve? How will their status increase?


Getting Clear About Who You Serve

You have to be specific down to the offer. Who are the avatars that will be interested in your AD?



Do I have something that people actually want?

At Marketing for Digital Marketer, they write a blog post that teases the topic they are thinking of using for the lead magnet. If it is not resonating with people, it is tossed. Once the Offer + Marketing message is clear, you can move into the Targeting piece.



Specific to the avatar you want to reach- what are these people actually consuming?



ASPECT 3: Ad Copy and Creative

Make sure the copy portrays the marketing message you want to convey. The image is what most people are looking at.


ASPECT 4: Familiarity between the Ad and Landing Page

If the landing page does not relate, their brain will tell them they are in the “wrong place.” You don’t want that happening.  



In this episode we’ll cover:

  • The 4 Aspects to Optimization
  • Why knowing your Avatar is everything
  • Aligning your ads with your lead page
  • Making sure your offer resonates with your audience
  • Why you should give Value as a first step


Practical and Actionable:

It doesn’t matter what medium you are on. Each has their tip or trick. It is really about THAT message an AD point. It is about hitting that pain point and truly adding value to someone’s life.


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