253 | A new dynamic in Leadership with Mitch Axelrod

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Mitch Axelrod

Leadership is different and has not changed either.  Now is the time to examine your leadership strategies to improve your goal setting. Discover the new approaches that our guest gives us. Mitch Axelrod shares how he looks at goal setting and why the process must change.

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Target Audience: Mitch Axelrod serves businesses and organizations big and small. His mission is about helping people actualizing their own inner power. It is then about monetizing that through profitability.

The model of Leadership has traditionally been top down and one dimensional. Usually it is focused on the mission of the company. We are 3 dimensional human beings. Mitch believes in Axiology- the measure of human value. There are 3 dimensions to this.

The 3 Dimensions of Axiology: GOALS ROLES AND SOUL

Goal: This is the first dimension. The goal is a concept and it is clear cut. It is all about where you are going

Role: What you are doing

Soul: Is about who you are being

So much of what we do today only encompasses the goal dimension. The purpose of the role is to get the goal. The company adjusts the role. Then you address the soul of the human being. The soul is constantly needing to be expressed. Role is of higher value than the goal and the soul dimension is of higher value than the role.

For so many people, their soul dimensions are starving. What’s evolving now in business based on values is that companies are realizing people would leave for better opportunities in order to feel more fulfilled in their work. Don’t shrink a person to fit the job. Rather, expand the job to fit the person

3 Dimensions. 3 Questions: What Every Company Should Ask to Catalyze Transformation

Goal dimension: Are you where you think you ought to be right now in your life?

Role dimension: Are you valuing what you do and getting value out of what you do? Are you doing something you actually value?

Soul dimension: are you feeling expressed? Are you actually feeling like you are being yourself and that you are living your life in congruence to who you are?

The Power in Providing Autonomy within Your Company

It’s saying to the person: We trust you enough to expand the job description to fit the value of the YOU.

Your profession is not what you do to bring home a paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do with such passion and intensity that it becomes a spiritual experience and fulfills your calling. This is very different than a job.

In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Goal, Role and Soul Dimensions
  • Why people are dissatisfied with their work
  • How to dig deep in uncovering your soul’s purpose
  • The reality about fulfilling your Calling
  • The power of Autonomy


Practical and Actionable:

Do your soul setting, then your role setting, then your goal setting. How do I get back to my soul? Quiet yourself and get back inside. Use your intuition. That voice only you can hear.

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